Freaking out!!!

I am freaking out and eating too much and behaving irritated and well weird…

I don’t know what it is! I know the possible things / events that could have been responsible, but a major reason is that I don’t want to acknowledge what is happening. Its like that old habit of ignoring that I have developed. I just put my mind into TV freeze (my term) or mindless eating more like hogging.

I’m not sure of why I am like this, but  I’m finicky and restless and I cant  don’t want to sleep till wee hours and I’m not writing about any of this and God!


Good things are happening and now I’m not even fully enjoying it. Why the hell am I so scared? scared that this good thing might vanish? why am I not believing in it and enjoying this???


I should be super thrilled… and here I am freaking out!!!!

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