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Forbiden Fruits

There is a attractive thing about the things are forbiden for you, whosoever it may be forbiden by, family, religion, society or even plain and simple conscious. They seem so ….. exciting and thrilling and I dont mean it in any cheap way, but just the feel of doing what you should not does have a very appealing and attractiveness to it.

Why I’m saying this is beacuse I have been there and felt it. Even sometimes the stupidest of things so exciting just because I know it is forbiden or in simple words not readily acceptable by people around me.

I have always been a rebel, ever since I remember, always, and I can’t help but wonder, is this only how I feel because I have this rebelious streak in me? Or are these things just as attractive to the obidient and disciplined ones?

I’m not saying we should give in to this but a little bit is no harm right? Of course you have to be in the right mindset to understand where the thrill ends and addiction begins.

I always thought that it is all really simple, you either

– want something or you don’t

– want to do a job or don’t

-like someone or don’t

-want to be with someone or don’t

-know when you’re just having fun or getting addicted

But overtime and the years (mostly the last 4 years) I have learn’t that it isn’t all that simple.  Sometimes life dosen’t come in black or white, there are many shades of gray and each blurs the border around the other. You are around someone and you feel like this may be something, but there is this hesitation and this doubt, you know its better this way but still you can’t help but think what if there was something how would it be?

How do you know when its your conscious giving you hints and when its just yourself trying to make something of nothing?

We’ve been friends and I know him and I know he cares a lot. I was never attracted towards him and now when we’re together there is something. I was always conscious about how I looked when he was around and I dodn’t think that meant anything, but now I’m begining to rethink, did it? If I think of us together I feel repelled and there is this uncomfortable feeling. Maybe its just the physicality of us being together for so long and now parting away that is making me feel like this.

I have one of the best friendships and I cherish it a lot. So why these thoughts and why this strange something. Maybe it just that we are going to be so far away and its this feeling of missing a friend that is confusing me up.

But I know this for sure… I don’t want to act upon these unsure thoughts and feelings and I don’t want to spoil anything. I will let time decide if this means anything. For now.. its just the way things were.



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I have a lot of free time on me these days and this means that even if I am doing something it is out of will or in a very non rushed manner (except when I visit the office a few times). How this free-non-rushed things affect me is that they make me aware of the questions in my mind.

I am listening to that voice which questions a lot and makes everything seem so meaningless unless I have an answer to it.

This is a time in my life when I am questioning myself and the life around me, but the answers are what I’m hoping to find, discovering them, learning from them, searching for them.

The questions that are mostly in my head are:

What am I meant to do in this life?

What do I WANT to do in this life?

What is my REASON for existence?

How does one find their true calling?

Can life be different than the society norms and yet be complete and fulfilling?

Why do you need marriage and kids?

One can live happily alone, forver?

Does everything have to be in the pattern that society has set, school-college-job-savings-house-car-marriage-kids-more savings-and again the viscous circle…

What if I don’t want all this? can i live happily alone?

Why do people take others responsibilities and complicate their lives?

What if I don’t want to get caught in all this? Am I escaping facing the path of life?

What if you are only responsible for yourself? Wouldn’t that be so freeing and so relieving? No responsibility no obligation no tension?


I want to know the answers myself before I involve anyone else into these puzzles.

Is a broken relationship of childish teenage dreams the reason why I feel so distant from the concepts of companionship and togetherness of a lifetime?

Is this the influence of The Boss which makes him my ideal and I want the same kind of freedom like him?

Why do I call it freedom? Why do I feel so bound right now? Why does it feel trapped and obligated? Why dosen’t my will overcome this feeling of weighed down?


These are important questions and the answers will make my life. I may get caught in the rat race of life, but I will not forget these questions and I will always look for the answers within and outside.

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Freaking out!!!

I am freaking out and eating too much and behaving irritated and well weird…

I don’t know what it is! I know the possible things / events that could have been responsible, but a major reason is that I don’t want to acknowledge what is happening. Its like that old habit of ignoring that I have developed. I just put my mind into TV freeze (my term) or mindless eating more like hogging.

I’m not sure of why I am like this, but  I’m finicky and restless and I cant  don’t want to sleep till wee hours and I’m not writing about any of this and God!


Good things are happening and now I’m not even fully enjoying it. Why the hell am I so scared? scared that this good thing might vanish? why am I not believing in it and enjoying this???


I should be super thrilled… and here I am freaking out!!!!

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So Much

Suddenly so much is happening around me / with me. That dead long wait is over and things are moving ahead.


One thinks about the future, about things they want and when it actually happens, the anticipation of it doesn’t quite match up to the actual thing. I guess that’s why dreams are more pleasant, they are much happier, merrier and enjoyable, once they turn to reality the charm kind of fuzzes   out. I’m not saying you’re not happy, yes you are, but that spark of visioning it just the way you want (which always isn’t true when it happens) or maybe the real thing and the stuff around it is a lot of work.

I’m going around in circles, so I’ll stop this here.. I will write more about it when its done.


I’m happy and then little sad. And I’m beginning to think that I really don’t know how to enjoy the good things that come my way. I was not always like this. I used to live it! Now I worry too much, worry about how, when, what if, next. God ! I need to stop this worrying.


Speaking of God, I’m glad to acknowledge that I see the light of faith, a new belief, some unquestionable trust, something is changing in this sphere.


Also, I’m thinking about what is important? It seems to be the underlying question but now surfacing a little in my life. Keeping it simple is on my agenda and for now I’m happy and little unsettled.


P.S : writing really helps.

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