A phase

So I’m at this phase in my life right now. Its something of a pause, things aren’t happening and I’m ok with it. I needed a break, but this is not exactly a break. Yes i’m not going to office but still getting paid while i wait for next project and stuff.

Am I doing anything creative with this time, well, not yet, the last two weeks I have been sleeping a lot, watching tv, listening to music little and then writing a little. Also a little study.

I had thought about getting enrolled for a course but it seems irrelevant right now.

An important document is what I wait for and somehow many things depend on it. I can wait. I am ok at waiting only if this mind stops buzzing and giving me unnecessary tension.

I don’t know why I stopped workouts. I know, i was lazy and its damn cold. But i am going to start tomorw morning. I need to get up and do something.

This phase.. will end soon and I know that something better is out there for me.  I only need to stop being so lazy.

Also some messages were exchanged with The Boss over the past 2 weeks and last 2 days a lot of messages, they were all general life philosophy type stuff only. Then he thinks I can be my own guide and don’t need him, I said goodbye with a sad feel but I know there is some connection between us (apart from the same birthday ).  I leave it to higher powers to decide our fate. I am ok with whatever it be.


this is just a phase… before the real things happen.


































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