Funny feelings

Things are getting really funny now. Funny in the smiley & gigly way and not actually comic way.

I had stupidly shown my likeness for The Boss openely in front of the team, but obviously that was in the initial days, just fun stuff. I never knew that this will grow on me so much that it actually makes me blush when everyone now teases me with his name.

We had a team meeting today with The Boss and I wanted to look good, so I dressed into this new top, white and flary and it made me look good and everyone was teasing me that I was dressed well coz we had the meeting and I told them that I’m over him but they went on and on about it.


The meeting was just after lunch and I kept getting so impatient when everyone was eating so slow, obviously I had to do a touch up before I met him and then they started teasing that I was running to see him.

Now Im getting little worried that I want this noise to die out before it reaches The Boss. It would be so embarassing if he heard that I have been openly airing my liking for him to everyone, he would think of me as what, idiot or a silly girl. Oh no! But how do I get this teasing stopped? Its getting me nervous.

Apart from that I’m really enjoying this phase rite now. Listing to romantic songs and thinking of him and catching glimpses of him and blushing. This is all way too much fun to end. Seriously I would love to feel this excited for a long time. Maybe as long as I’m here at this client site i.e as long as I am around The Boss.

However it would be great to get some response from him too, maybe he has noticed me and like something too. Well i’m sure he knows who I am, coz I did put my foot in my mouth and start communication on the office chat and he responded but quite limited. But he did respond and that too when I asked some less office stuff. I was in such jitters when i typed and waited for his response. I was like ‘Oh shit! what did I do!’ over and over again. But it was so thrilling, total adreline rush I tell you.  Then again I did the same towards the end of the day, but after the weekend and my one day off since last chat conversation, a simple hi and how are you, both were well responded and then I asked how was the weekend and then there was silence. I kept waiting and nothing. And then I saw him leave office.  It made me sad and I felt like an idiot. ofcourse I’m excited but to him this must be all new and so unfamiliar, some girl in his team chating him up and being so friendly. Maybe it would have made him doubt his authority in office too, you know that am I linent that people just come and tell me whatever they want. I got over it completely giving him the benefit of doubt and suddeness of all this. I came into office today all dressed well and opened my system to find his response there, he had answered but due to some system delay I wasn’t able to see the resonse then. oh my god! he did respond. i was so exited. I have been looking at that chat conversation day all day, from time to time i.e.making sure no one around me sees it. He did reply! he didn’t ignore me! I love him! okay that was out of nowhere. I love him for not ignoring me.


Even though I am enjoying being the crazy silly girl drooling over The Boss, yet I think what I would do to make him realize how much I like him. Btw how much do I like him? I really don’t know, coz I can’t seem to see beyond this funny and exciting feeling.

I am a go all the way person you know. I had the idea to leave hims me gift in his cabin, since he comes little late. I got this idea from ‘Mahi Way’ ofcourse, not that I am fat as Mahi but yeah as silly as her for sure. I was thinking of leaving a small bicycle shaped eraser, coz cycling is his hobby. Stupid? I know. He’s a 32 yr old man, what is a bicycle shaped eraser to him? Well it sounds so sweet to me. But maybe that would have worked if he didn’t know who was the silly girl who has a crush on him, but I guess  now he would  know.

Once before I started converstaion with him i had thought of getting a new mobile sim and then text him being a stranger and get talking to him and later reveal that who I was, but now that also seems not doable. And it did feel way too stalky and freaky too.


I’m enjoying this a lot, this whole funny feeling in your stomach when he passes you by or you turn around to see him there or just see him from a distance. Its amazing. I’m not sure I will want to do anything much about it for sometime, apart from the chat conversations once in every 2-3 days.

I love this feeling though. Really love it.



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