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Should I fight harder?

I’m stuck in a situation and what am I doing about it, well nothing much. I somehow feel that I am not fighting harder and pushing it further, but somewhere along the line, I don’t feel ready for what comes next too.

Well, i’ve been wokring on this project for 1year and 4 months, while I had committed to only 1 year. Now the thing is that the client manager here is getting on my nerves and I cant stand him, plus he’s a moron and a jerk whom I can abuse just about any minute. I really want to get out of here and get a good onsite project, live abroad a few years and earn more money, settle my family, buy a house and all. But that all happens only if I’m released fromt his project.

Today I had a word with my organisation manager and told him I want release, he said they can’t move people around here right now and I wil have to wait till December, DECEMBER..that is like 3 months. Oh God!! I just can’t see myself waiting here for 3 months, in this stupid project with that idiot of a person. He will suck my blood and I will definitely murder him.

I really don’t know what will happen, but I am considering resigning and finding a new job. Maybe I’m not meant for this kind of slow and dragy system. But since I’ve heard December I have a frown on my face and tension written all over it.

There is a tricky side to this too, I don’t know if I’m ready to go onsite yet and live by myself and all that I want. You know, be alone and responsible, take care of taxes and earnings and other currency salary and stuff. Maybe I’m just getting nervous thinking about it, everybody gets ready once they have the chance right? But I’m not in the ‘I’m ready and waiting mode’ yet.

I seriously don’t know where this all is going. For now, I can only focus on my promotion which is due next month and the salary hike that comes with it. God! Please make the hike a huge sum, so atleast I can live these 3 months (i.e if i do) in some satisfaction by earning more.


Also, Im thinking if I do have to be here for 3 months more, then it will give me time to get in shape, loose those extra kgs that I am meaning to and finish my weight goal, before I venture out to a new country. It feels like just consoling myself.

And as I finish this post, I’m seriously considering applying for new job.



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