Lovey Dovey

Well.. I just watched few episodes of “The OC” mostly of Ryan and Taylor, and ooohhh.. I’m all aww.. and soo cute.. and ee. and got a silly smile on my face and imagining something like that to myself in real life. Ofcourse this means that I would have to have perfect hair all the time and also be thin and slim without going to workout and even if I eat anything, but I think those are the things that are exaggerated parts of movies and TV you know.


Other things, like being with someone, coincidences, friends, love, crazy thinking and talking  – like taylor, confused boys  – like ryan, happy go lucky – like Summer, simple, cute and so funny – like Seth, these are inspired by real people , real lives.


So with all that love and romance and sweet feelings floating around me, i’m so happy and really happy that someday i’ll have a story to share. i’m not saying tomorrow, but you know the way things make you fell good and give you hope and make you feel that something better is waiting in the future and it will be perfect for you.




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