What do you live for??

It took me a lot of time to get that questions right, not the answer but the question itself. Sometimes our minds are so confused, our thoughts so blurred, our ways of living life so rushed that we just don’t realize ‘What was the Question?’

Sometimes you really need to sit and relax and think, Why? Why am I doing what I’m doing? What will tell me what I should do next? Where is this headed?  Which path am I on?

So many questions and so much confusion!

I found something I think can help me keep track of the Right Questions. One constant question toa sk myself is ‘What do I live for?’.

I live for LOVE & HOPE. I live for a Beautiful life. I live for  Happiness and Joy in everyday.

Hopes bring me great pleasure, but reality also needs to be balanced with my hopes. I live for Hopes turning into Relaity of my life today.

I am very thankful and grateful to God for giving me a lovely family. They are my life, but even before them, there is someone who needs my tender care and comfort, and that person in ME.

I know I love my family and my life is all about them, but I also realized that I couldn’t and cannot love them is I don’tlove myself. I cannot make them hapy if I’m not happy.

My work is me. My job is to take care of myself, so that I can take care of them.

I live for love and a beautiful life, but I know that it has to come from within to want something and will to do something. So if whole heartedly I want to be Happy and feel joy, I will be able to spread that joy into others’ lives also.

Asking the Right Questions is the key to finding your answers.





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3 responses to “What do you live for??

  1. Your words are wonderfully said. Family and faith are so important, but so is loving yourself.
    Good luck on your journey,

    ZenFold Post Admin

  2. I think like The Beatles said in their old song: all you (read We) need is Love )

  3. Found your blog again, after lyk an year now.. and wot a wonderful essay to start with. Your writing is still such a “Treasure” ji 😉 .. Hoping to readup on all those leftout writeups soon.
    Keep blogging..

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