The V-day 2011

So the day went pretty well. I was not expecting much from the day and life itself, yet I had this tingly feeling all day. I woke up early, took a bath and washed my oiled hair (which did not come off completetly and left my hair looking little limp), wore a new shirt that I had bought in a sale and saved for the summer, reached office and started work.

All was okay. Through the day everyone in office was talking about why they were not on leave today and asking what plans they had for the eveining and also what were they planning to gift to their partners. It seemed like a Friday mood you know.

I was not excited or anything, but something was happy in me thinking at least I have plans today, so what if just with a friend. I passed the day with slow work and trying to get things done, the systems were also not in mood to work and slowing down like hell, hence more looking at the screen and less work getting completed for me.

I confirmed with Nick if we were stil on for the dinner thing and he said he’s come around by 7, so I stayed back after everyone left and waited in office for him. He was really late. He reached my ofice at 10pm and by then I had got totally bored and felt stupid also, for waiting so much. But I didn’t have a choice coz the office cabs had left and I also wanted to go out. 🙂

It was raining yesterday evening !! not pouring hard but drizzle fast and slow. So amazing!! There is something about rain that makes me all romantic and puppy eyed and dreamland wishful silly. He was waiting outside my office and I walked till him, a meet hug and he apologized for being so late, we sat in the car and then he pulled out a bouquet of roses for me. OMG!!! I was so suprised!! I loved the flowers! I think I had forgotten that someone can be sweet to me and that I too am worth getting flowers from someone. It was sooo nice!!

Although I was a little confused as to why he got them?? We were two friends meeting on valentione for dinner?? Anyways, I think I think too much about every thing, so i let it go. We went to Turcoise cottage in gurgaon and it was full with couples and mostly people coming from work directly. The place was good, dimly lit and there was the usual 70’s music that they play. We danced a bit, I kept the alcohol down to just 1 mojito and ordered some snacks. He hogged on chicken which I did not like but then I had only told him that he could order it and  I dont mind. While dancing too Nick was little close, I mean I would be away and then he would come close and start the you know ballroom stuff with holding my hand and placing it on his shoulder, andhis hand around my waist. I was little awkward. We sat down and started looking at other couples and I pointed him a cuple who were sitting very formally and distant to each other. I told him theymust have met recently adn they’re both tyring to impress each other. After sometime we saw the girl was hanging on to the guy, throwing her hands around his shoulder and pretty close to him. We laughed that the guy must’ve added something to her drink.  Later they took a different table and then again seemed distant. Yes, I’m the person who stares at others and observes them while at public places, coz I don’t have much to say. 

So Nick said, we should take the seats, something happens there. I pulled his hair and gave him a  grin.

Okay, now I’m all the more confused!! What does he want? and do I want that as well? what is all this?

I tried to ignore it all. He didn’t do any other such thing after that. We danced a bit more, he ate a bit more and then we drove back for home and it was quite a long drive with lot of talking and yes the thoughts of what he wants kept coming into my mind and I kept avoiding. While he dropped me we had a slight hug that you do when you’re both in the car and a slight kiss on the cheeks, which he always does so gently.  He puts his hands on your upper neck with his palms on your nape and near to the back of your ears and gently plants a peck on your cheek. Its so sweet.

And we said bye.

But I am still confused about What is all this? I’m trying to not think about it, but the image from yesterday, when he gave me the flowers and my face lit up with a broad smile, is coming to my mind and I’m smiling. 🙂

The idea that someone would bring me flowers!! wow!! I had almost forgotten how sweet it feels!!  🙂  I’m smiling again…

P.S:  I got a dream this morning where I saw me and Nick kissing and kina making out,,, the horrible stupid questions in my subconcious did take an image and show up huh!! And I’m 100% sure that that is nothing that I want or am looking forward to.


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