The party with ‘N’

So last weekend was pretty fun.  I had no plans whatsoever but then something felt like I should do something, go out with friends and enjoy a little, no a lot, and enjoy this single status and also find someone cute as well.

So I asked K if he was up for it, he didn’t seem too excited so I didn’t take it seriously, I aslo called N to ask if he wants to go. I should give him a name no? Lets call K the’ London Guy’ and N would be ‘Nick’. So I called Nick and told him we might be going out so he could join, he was okay and told me to confirm him .

After I came from my dance class, I called London Guy and he was not very well so he didn’t want to go, I asked my sis and she had stomach ache, so a ‘No’ from her as well. So I asked Nick that no one else was there just me and him and he was okat about going.

I thought he would be the not-too-loud music person, so I took him to A.I club, but it was really lousy there, they has closed the outdoor space and inside there were only bunch of people. We had a few drinks and started getting enthu about it and that’s when the music was shut down too. We moved from there to FBar, I had to pay the entry coz his card wasn’t working. It was really good there. I took 2 more drinks and was high enough to enjoy myself. He was okay too and enjoying.

You know when we were’nt high we were little awkward with each other. We have never been to clubs together and you know the kind of invisible barbed wires that exist between people who are around for the first time on a dance floor , that was there. Once we got high, it was all so comfy. We danced all fun stuff and was so cool. Nothing romantic at all though, just fun friends stuff. Just like I am with A( remember the pal who I used to go out for parties a lot when in college and now he become so distant and stuff).

We got back home at 6am and had an amazing drunk fun time. I called him the next afternoon to chit chat about the party gossip and what all funny stuff and fun stuff happened yesterday, but he sisn’t talk much. He was busy with his family.

It’s a little weird for me, coz I’m realizing he’s hardly the person I thought of him. He’s so different, like making a new friend altogether. and maybe it is a new friendship in a new phase of life too.

As we had already decided earlier that we would go out on Monday for dinner and we stuck to the plan. Only he’s an hour and half late while I wait here in my office for him to come.

Somewhere between all this I’m really thinking about whether he;s anice guy for me to date or not. He hasn’t asked me yet or anything. But jst thinking about it made me all ‘Noo’. I hope I’m not leading him to think I’m interested and this is exactly what i hate. Me doubting myself, if I’m behaving the right way and giving the right signals.  I mean hello, its a weird world and poeple can pick up all wrong signals, so why the hell am I worried.

Anyways, I don’t think he’s my kina dating person. But yes someone asking me out would be good, but so not at the cost of friendship. I think he’s a great guy, but just not my type.

Ah… I think all the my- types have died somewhere or swore to never meet me.

I also found myself thinking about my ex a few times over the past month. But it was just ‘memories flashing’ nothing liek missing or anything.

Btw I wrote about this ‘Cute Guy’ at office about 6 months back, and about how it had led to nowhere at all even though I did show little interest. I just founf him on my office network and he told me he was getting married. hmmph!!

Marraige is one mystry to far..


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