A matter of Perspective..

As I sit here in my office, getting so bored that I swear I’m almost sleeping with eyes wide open, I feel that somehow things and situations of my life could look so different if I change or shift my perspective about them.

How I came upon this thought is another story altogether. About a month back, I had lent some money to my dance instructor, which he said would be returned in a week but then he didn’t. So now everytime I meet him in class he tries to talk about the dance andhow I’m doing at it and says all the goody stuff, and when he sees that I’m buffed with the compliments he quitetly adds that he’ll pay me later due to x..y..z.. reasons. I agree!

Now this worked for him a2-3 times, but I knew he was trying to put me high and get away with his excuses. So last class he was supposed to pay me up and then in the evening before class I get a call from him saying that he will not come to the office today and then started talking about how I should take dance professionally and get into the learning classes and I asked him that ‘it needs 50 hours of dance once you get in and I’m working so how is that going to work? ‘. He started telling me options to come after work and to the locations that are closer to my work and how I can cover the remaining hours on weekends. I knew he was straying me from the question I would ask him, but still I let him go and then my mind drifted to how it would be if I actually danced everyday. OMG!! I couldn’t believe it! Can I ? Really? Dance every single day..wow!!

Then I thought about how work will be if I danced everyday. Well, it gave me a pretty good picture I must say. If you’ve read me here a few times, you’d know how much I hate not having passion for what I do as a job. And now I was thinking of going to work, I wuld carry my dance clothes to office, spending the day working, which I’m good at, then also keep thinking about the dance class that would be in the evening, finish my work and run for the dance class, exhaust and thrill on the floor and then home. The next day again I pack my dance gear and go through office in excitement of the evening class. Wow!!

This was a very different picture of work for me. I have never been able to set work back and feel ok with it. It bugs me. But now I could se myself earning money from the job and pushing hard to get my passion, dance! My job suddenly seemed like just a job. Although its importance dosen’t get low in my life, yet now it seemed like a money earning resource and I was not trying to find passion in it. I already had my passion waiting for me each evening.

Wow!! Seems like I was looking the wrong place for my passion.

Anyhow, I did think about taking the dance learning classes and so I will continue to work and dance.  However, they have auditions to take you in and that I will have to clear. Maybe in Feb end. If work was just the time spent before I dance, I’d be super excited to pass this time quickly. Also, I have to get my weight down before I get there(see my attempts at this at my new health blog). And obviously once I’m there then it would be maintained by all the dancing. 🙂

T0 dance and Passion!! Cheers!!


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