Lame Hopes…yet again

So life had nothing much happening.. I did write a post sometime back, but the power went off and I have no back up for my pc so all got scraped and somehow the lovely Draft saving at wordpress did not keep it either. 😦

Anyways, so life has been ok i guess, yeah i think so. Well, my friend k , who was supposed to go to London finally decided to stay back and that made me little happy. We’re not really thick but its good to have someone to call your friend yeah.

So there was this DJ night at a new place Shiro, at Hotel Samrat, and he asked if I wanted to go. My sis was returning from Mumbai in the noon, so I said I’ll confirm once she’s here. I also had my dance class and told him I would be home by 9pm. When I came back from dance I was not so much in the mood to go, but he insisted and then sis also agreed, so we went anyways.

P.S: Sis got so much of junk goodies from Mumbai. especially all funky bangles n stuff and she’s also thinking of starting business of that stuff in Delhi. Super cool!!


I took out a black dress with satin top and 3/4th sleeves and a stretchable material for the rest of the dress. I used to wear it a lot 1-2 years back and was little scared if it would fit or not. It did!!! but my tummy was bulging a lot. I wore it anyways and tried to suck in the fat rolls.

We reached and then got free entry without cover charges, coz we had called and inquired earlier. 🙂 then we thought of taking some drinks and K remembered he had some beer in the car, so we went back to the parking and then were looking at how to open the bottles. I learned how to open the bottles with my TEETH!!! 🙂 I had an entire bottle, K tried to turn it into bottoms up, but damn it was so fizzy and gassy and I didn’t even burp. I did a while later.

Then we went in and the ambiance was great. I was in some silly hope was feeling like I would meet someone today and kept looking around. Somethings never change i guess@! There was a cute firang there and I kept eyeing him, but he was interested in my sis and it made me sad for a while. They talked and he gave his card to her. Well, atleast he like someone.


After lot of dancing and getting little high and back to normal, we were outside where sis was sitting coz her feet were killing her, I smiled at guy who was passing me. He wasn’t my type at all and i didn’t do it intentionally, but just did. Then intentionally I looked him again and again, 2-3 times and smiled. He smiled back. Low self esteem makes you slutty and crack case. But I had no intentions of taking or anything. That was enough for me and I was feeling stupid already. We left after few minutes and the guy followed us. No one knew about all this except me..the culprit. We sat in the lobby coz it was raining, and he kept passing around the areas 4-5 times. I glanced back to see him and he kind of made a gesture for me to follow him. I got so bloody irked and scared. Even if I made a pass at you and you aren’t my type (looks wise), what kind of guy gestures a girl to come to the corner with her. Don’t you have any fucking guts and balls!? Jerk!! I think he thought I was some slut..even though..come upfront and talk yeah.. I hate wussies..

he kept loitering there and I paid him no heed. We left and he saw me leave, I had a good laugh in my heart over how confused he must be though. haha..


We went to a 24/7 to get something to eat coz it was 4:30am and we were starving. I didn get anything veg though and ate some waffers and a cup of hot tea. I loved the rain..

Sadly, my so hopes of finding someone were lame and me..always..


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