Older men ..and their ways..

Unlike what I would have liked, life is all about work these days…

To start with I’m still having trouble finding someone to share travel with and hence the inconvenience stays on my mind. I posted an add on some carpool site and then searched my options there. I found a cab and few other individuals travelling by themselves. I tried the cab, and it was so dull and also they were taking the full fare from me, but asking me to come to a pick point and drop me away from my place, so it didn’t make sense. Somehow I just cannot like with ‘Services that are Not Worth the hard earned money I spend on them’. Anyways, so I called many individual travellers, and mostly the timing was the problem, usually people leave office at the peak rush hours 9am-6pm, which to me is such a waste of time coz

a)  you’re doing nothing in that time, not working,not enjoying, not resting, just sitting on your bum and getting fat and tired

b) the client I work for works 8am-5pm, so if I keep working after they leave, not so much helpul, coz there’s no one to answer my question and queries.

c) I have dance on Wednesday, and have to reach there by 7pm.

c) the more delayed I’m at work, the less I feel like going to gym. Something I CANNOT take lightly.


Then I spoke to a guy who reached office much late than my time, but then its ok, coz I don’t mind sleeping more and then its just temporary. But about going back home was an issue because he leaves late too. So I have been going with him in the mornings and in the evening I take ride with client cab. Although today I came with him and got late, but still reached gym.

That was all about the travel to work…


Now coming to the Older men thing. My new office is rather dull and not many people around whom I know or would like to know. Just on the corner of my floor there was a cabin which was always closed, ever since I joined, and then I saw it open couple of times. I was curious about who was there? I thought someone from my department and that I should atleast know which all big shots sit here. So a few times the thought crossed my mind and I just knocked on the door once. I peeped in to see an old man there, around 45-50yrs. He didn’t seem welcoming and asked what I wanted. I told him I was curious who sits here and then introduced myself. He asked me to sit and we had a brief introduction for 5-10 mins and he told me that he travels a lot, so he’s not around much. He was a big shot .

The next week I was on leave for 2 days and when I came back I saw he was there. He said hi and then he asked if I could come around sometime to have tea. I went to talk to him and we had a long chat for an hour or so. He told me that he was stuck with work when I first met him and just after I left, it got resolved. He was telling all the good and impressive things about himself. I was supposed to be impressed and was to. He talked about his professional journey and how he had started out. I like to hear that kind of storytelling you know. Its fun to hear from people who’ve achieved something. He asked my email id and then sent me mail saying that even today some stuck work of his got resolved after I met him. Then he said if I could share my mobile no. I shared it. Then in evening he sends me facebook request. I mean why???? I was so in doubt and didn’t feel good. I couldn’t decline, coz he might get offended and then I didn’t want to accept coz it personal! damn! i did accept and then restricted him from everything on my pages except general info. I also checked and found he had other girls from office added too. So I thought he might be the type you know, office and networking people added to facebook.


A few days later, I saw him again and he said I should come for tea again. Now he got chatting about women in his life, his love marriage, how he’s always been a flirt and how he has enjoyed life. I didn’t mind listening to all that. I enjoyed it. The he asked me about my love life and I told him ever since I’ve been working I haven’t met anyone. He asked me how I was travelling and I told him my trouble. Then we got to know that he travels from near my place and said he could help out for couple of days, until I get something final for my travel. I said ok. It did seem too much but then I just jerked off that feeling. We traveled in his awesome car in the evening and kept chatting. He was mostly talking about his son and me about my bro and family things. While dropping me he asked, is it ok if I message you in the evening? I was getting off the car and didn’t think about it and said ok. Then in the evening I got his text that ‘should I pick you in the morning?’ I got a little greedy over the comfort of not having to arrange my travel thing everyday and said ok. Now this time I wasn’t thinking about anything weird about this old man and found him very helpful uncle type. At 11pm I get a text from him ‘Slept?’. I was like OMG!! what does he think?? I am going to chit-chat with him?? I got what his intentions were and then in the morning I texted him saying I was going with a friend.


I asked a colleague at office to ask her husband about this guy , coz her husband is also kina top shot and they all know each other ya. He said the old man was famous for this stuff. He also said that many femalesin office have been with him and made use of his position to rise in career.


I have not even moving around his office ever since. But I am so shocked to know that someone so polite and seemingly decent and OLD can turn out like that. He talked good to me and I kind of respected him. crazy man!!! I mean just because I was talking to him didn’t mean I was ready to make a deal and get something out of it all. Eww!! I really am shocked by all of it, even though I know these things happen, but something like this happening to you makes you doubt if you’re somehow responsible for them having the guts to make a move so cheap. I hate that guy!! I totally lost all respect for him and I know I shouldn’t, but I’m sure I would be all rude to him if I ever talked to him again, which would be so NOT initiated by me.


For now, I’m not even going to get water and ask my colleague to fill my bottle, coz his cabin is on the way and usually door is open. I slide through the walls and cross his cabin and when I come out I always look around to check he’s not there.  It’s not that I’m guilty..no.. just that facing him would make me NOT feel good and bring to my face the fact that someone thought that I would go for such Cheap and disgusting stuff! and like my true self I wish I had never spoken to him at all. But then this is reality and I need to face it and learn from it.


Girls Beware of Older men..they’re WEIRD!!!





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