Inspiration from Mom

–Again a draft saved, something I planned to submit over a article write up, but didn’t—

I did my early education in boarding school, so I thought I knew my parents really well, until I started living with them and I shockingly surprised, especially with my mom.

Through my growing years I always thought she was a normal housewife who only looked at different recipes and decoration ideas (which she did), but to my surprise there was so much more to her.

My mom was brought up in a very orthodox atmosphere, she never went out with friends, did not have any male friends and she was married away at the age of 23, by only showing her a picture of the groom.

It was when we moved with mom to Delhi for 10+ studies and Dad was working in Assam, that I really got to know her. I found her to be so different from what she was brought up on, she trusted us and encouraged us to make friends with boys, she let us hang out with friends and let us have our own space. But she also cared enough to make sure we never crossed our deadlines and question me when she caught me kissing a guy.

She herself was trying to find new directions in life. She joined a computer program and learnt computers, she joined a product distribution program and became an agent and she took care of the household too.

I lost my Dad to livercirrhosis after couple of years and then left with no money or support, she fought with m grandparents, who wanted to get me and my sister married off and got us through our education.

Today, when I am an independent woman, still I have doubts about myself, I think a million times before I trust my instincts, but she, my mom, she just takes the plunge, she believes in herself and never ever have I seen her being less enthusiastic about learning something new. Even though what she takes doesn’t always be fruitful, it doesn’t stop her from marching right into another challenge.

Last year, she learnt swimming with me and my coach gave her example to every new student. This year she’s learning Tarot Cards and I’m sure she will be much more than I can even imagine.

I see her as a powerhouse of faith, believe, strength and hope.



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