I need a New Plan & some peaceful TIME to think about it..

I’ve still not set my 2011 new year resolutions.. and this time I’m gonna take my time and put some value into them.

So few things to keep in mind before I set them out:

1. Do not repeat the done ones , like learn something new, dance/music etc. the ‘new’ this year should actually Be New. Maybe art,sketching, something.

2. Be realistic and don’t put things there just because they seem so appreciative and make you proud (a usual trait of myself). Let’s say I will put the things that I Actually want to do Now, i.e This Year 2011, not those that I wanted years back or would want in the future years.

3. Put some Numbers there. How much I want to save? How much I want to weight ? How many dates or boyfriends I want ?Figures please.

4. Also, put a Realistic End Date to each resolution and it should not be End of year. I know, I know, that’s what resolutions mean, but what I’m saying is , I will benchmark each resolution to the time it will actually take, set up equal intervals through the year and distribute the resolutions across the time intervals, such that I’m not overwhelmed with too many things together,  not guilty that I haven’t done/started anything yet and through the year I feel like I am actually working on something, reaching somewhere.

5. Need to include breaking and making habbits. And by habbits I mean things that I do EVERYDAY, not once in a while. (Gosh! I can think of so many bad ones instantly!!)

6. Reality Check on every resolution please! I usually go overboard with wishful thinking and it leaves me all sulky at end of year. So keepin them real is the deal.



Now All I need is some PEACEFUL time to think and get these down.. soon maybe.


P.S : I’ve been blogging from office lately and I Love it!!


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