Is Compromise a synonym to Life???

It’s 8am in the morning, a cold and wet morning of end of december, people are looking at party plans for new year, I’m thinking of party plans for new years and then I’m thinking, Is Life a Compromise? Always?

I’ve heard this so many times, from so many people, these people are mostly mature and grown ups, always married and only talking about compromises. But why I ask? Why do we need to compromise? We decide, we choose, we pick the option, so why pick the one where you don’t get what you want?

I myself am not in the position I would like to be in life, but then there is a sense of fulfillment coz I’m doing what I should, so I won’t call this a compromise, its  more like a ‘no other option’ thing for me. What I’m talking about is Choices we make.

Lets take an example, marraige. Now I’m ok with the thing that you don’t everything perfect in a person, but then I’m not ok with putting yourself and what makes you happy second to anything else. I’ve heard from the all the married people, that in a marraige, you need to do things you don’t like too. Why? What is wrong with standing up for youself and saying ‘I won’t do what I don’t want to’ and if you do agree on it, then its not compromise honey, its either you’re a wuss or to lazy to work out things for what you want.

Why would I choose a life knowing that I would be regretting this decision every moment?

Maybe I am not mature and I know I have no clue of how marraige works, but I do know that only and only if I’m happy, can I make someone else happy.

What do you say?



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2 responses to “Is Compromise a synonym to Life???

  1. I think what these people mean is that, to have a successful marriage you need to support one another… and if you don’t always agree on things then you need to comprimise. Sometimes your spouse will need your support even if it means you have to comprimise, and sometimes they will have to comprimise themselves to support you. That’s part of the joy of marriage though- you have someone looking out for you, someone who has your back. You have to return the favour sometimes, which means comprimise.

  2. newme

    @IntrigueMe – I get what you’re saying, when we do things for people we love, even if we don’t like them, but that’s called ‘love’, ain’t it? You would feel content after doing such a thing.

    Mostly my perception of words and what the mean is where I see a differnce too. For others Compromise may be a form of love and sharing, but for me its stuck to being unhappy and not content.

    Somewhere I still feel like a stubborn child. If you call anything ‘love’ and even if you hand over Pain to me lovingly, I would accept and embrase it. But just when you demand me to give up something I want or order me to do what I don’t want to, I’d give you up but never do it.

    Definitely Stubborness !! But also some of my self-respect, my high valued individuality and believe in equality, all mix up to make me think this way.

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