Suddenly.. I have a social life!!

Hey the ‘so-busy-with-a-social-life-ME’.


So after K came back from London, its seeming to be little bit the way I thought in my mind it should. You know, meeting friends, having things to do, going places and all. Also, N has moved to Delhi last week, so some expectations there too are coming to real, but the thing is ..its all coming together!!!


Just last weekend, I met T and K over lunch, with T’s new wife J. It was brief and quick and after that K,me and sis went for coffee and then I came back home and went for dance class, where I was so disappointed coz my partner got changed from younger-than-me-but-really-cute-guy to younger-than-me-but-so-not-interested-in-dancing-with-me-guy. It was horrible!! It killed me to dance with a guy making faces and just before we start, throwing his hands and saying he doesn’t want to dance. God! I was so pissed off! Then Sunday I went with Arif and sis to watch movie, but landed up with Lunch and coffee thing, then went to S.N.Market (flea market) and reached back home at night.


I took monday off and then the entire week has been sooo dragy, with some uncomfy changes at work and stuff. Today K called to ask if we wanted to go for this Rock Band performance at Saket and we did. I reached home, washed my hair, went to Saket, had hookah there, then went to Def Col and had sambar at Sagar Ratna(coz I didn’t wana eat). I missed gym today and felt guilty but then didn’t hog outside food either, so balanced out.

N just found me on Facebook and asked if I’m up with going clubbing tomorrow. I said ‘Yes’ but feel overloaded now. I want to sit and relax(like always). I’ve got dance class in evening, then I’ll come backa nd bath and change for clubbing, which will go on till morning and then be back home. Nothing planned for Sunday though, but I’m sure something will be there. Oohh ya..was thinking of meeting the tattoo guy for his thoughts over my tattoo idea.


Earlier I used to feel that a weekend with party and clubbing is well enjoyed, and now, I’m feeling like if I don’t relax over weekend how can it be enjoyed?


K and T are also planning this Udaipur trip over next weekend. I so wanna go out of Delhi.. Take a break..


But the point is that now I do have some plans..should I get a planner for myself already?. will I keep up to the pace of having a social life?


Lets see….


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