I’m still looking and waiting..

After almost 3 hours of watching Sex and the City episodes from various seasons on youtube, it’s only fair to get reflective on one’s love and relationship status..right?


I’m still looking for YOU. Thinking of you just makes my face light up and smile never leaves, you adoring me, you loving me, you and me so real, comfortable, together!!

I’m still looking for YOU! Every new guy I meet, who is single and decent, I hope it’s you. I converse attentively waiting for that one thing that he would speak and I would recognize it’s you. I think of ways of how we would meet, just someplace, somewhere and we would instantly get along, or maybe realize it later.


How can I stop looking ? Why should I stop looking? Are you waiting to come when I’m not looking?


Are you afraid that I would judge you? I promise I won’t…not much…just a little though, just to know you better.


I won’t be sad if you don’t like reading, it wouldn’t matter if you don’t have great dance moves, it’s ok if you have some flaws, I will not look for perfection in you, you’d be perfect for me anyways, I will fight and argue with you coz only you’d know how to calm me down, I’ll think of you when we’re apart, I’ll try to take our difference in opinions sportingly, I’d love you for having an opinion of your own,  I’d admire you secretly many times and just smile at you and say ‘nothing’ when you ask ‘what is it?’ and so much more…


It’s all  here ..waiting for you to arrive..



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