Somethings…A saved draft.

I’ve been happy, not ready for change and consoling myself, excited and little scared..yeah…that’s it..

Happy – somehow I’ve been feeling happy n content lately. I’m not restless all the time like earlier. I don’t even feel useless and wasting my life or overburdened with responsibility. Also I’m pretty sure that things are soon going to work out my way. There may be a couple of things that have lead to this (and no boy reason at all) and I’m happy to be happy.

Not ready for change – this is something about work. I will have to move from my clients offc to my co.’s office. They don’t have food n cab there and I’m not ok with the effort that would go there.. its because work is enough work right, atleast they can make sure that people dun have to worry more on other food n how to get to ofc. I know I’ll  manage but still ..hmmph!

Excited – over my dance classes. We’re having a show in Jan and d first class was today. Our theme is Moulin Rouge and dance track is amazing n d choreography too..I will surely post the video soon.

Scared – can’t remember why I had mentioned it.

————————–That was the draft I saved some days back and could not finish it coz my sister was standing behind me waiting to use the pc, I just can’t write if someone is reading as I write and also I keep this space away from people who know me. I don’t want any judgements please…


Coming to today..

The last week was so hectic and so crazzy. A fren of mine ‘T’ was getting married and there were these events to attend, his sister was getting married a few days before him, so double the events. I went to attend his sisters wedding, I wore a black sleeveless kurta and chridaar, not much fancy or anything, my arms were starting and never ending in all the pics. God I looked fat! Like swollen or something! I hated the not posting them.  Thank god I’ve started GYM (yet again) and seriously I just don’t know why I leave it at all?? ..


Then was the cocktail party one day before my fren T’s wedding. That was some fun! When we were leaving from home I was in really pissed off mood, dun knw why, I didn’t even feel like dressing up or anything, but once we reached there and some alcohol went down I was all happy. There were about 30 odd people invited and it was the first time I was attending this sort of party. Not knowing many people and talking to everyone and stuff. The end of the party was hilarious when guys started totally crazzy dance. I even shot a video of it, its not posted on youtube yet so no link.

Then cam T’s wedding day. It was Monday night and thankfully we had someone to drive with. It’s such a pain not owning a car, you’re so dependent and also you feel like ‘he/she won’t die if they pick/drop me home’ and ‘what if its a little out of way, you only have to sit and drive, not walk and carry me in your arms or on your back’…aaaggrr.. If only we had 10k more every month  we would definitely take car loan and a CAR!! hmmppp! His wedding event was so far away and there was such traffic jam, but we started singing songs and playing games, so time went well. It was really cold and I was wearing a light saree, so I was almost shivering all the time. It even rained on and off and since the place was open, more cold. T looked great, a very handsome groom, the bride was also fine, caked makeup and good lehnga. Frankly, I thought he could get someone better, but I guess arranged marriages are compromising on everything.  It was strange to see him get married. I can’t say for sure that I was happy for him, though I kept saying it to others around me. I didn’t feel happy for sure. I kept thinking about how he’s gonna be a different person after marriage and how restricting our friendship  would become. It all felt so weird!


Talking of T, I met him through sis and her friend K. K and T are school buddies. The first time I met him, he seemed cute we went clubbing and I taught him how to move around even if you can’t dance. It was fun. A few days later sis told me that T told K that I was double sized than my sis. I was so pissed at this. Well yes I was little healthy, but still that’s not the way to put things and I was so sweet to him. I swore on not meeting him again and whenever there were plans and I knew he was coming then I would cancel. After I think a year or so I met T again., he was confused at why I was pissed and I told him what K has told sis, he said he had told it in a completely different way saying that he like girls who had some flesh on them and I was like that.  Finally the misunderstanding was over and we got talking again. We even went out with sis and K for clubbing and stuff.  Not much but sometimes we used to talk on phone and usually I got along well with him, although honestly he does come from little backward family and it reflects in him too much. Then we also went on a river rafting trip with T and his fren. It was much fun. So that’s the kina fren he and me are.


Btw on his cocktail party thing, I played a prank on him, I told him that I used to like him but since he never paid any attention so I never said anything. He went red for a second and then laughed about it. I was not happy how the prank was going so I took it ahead, I told him that it’s good he’s not yet married and maybe he can have an extra marital affair too. He would just laugh at it all. K and sis knew about the prank too. So they were looking from a distance while I tool T alone in a corner and was telling him all this. The prank didn’t play along well and all that I could get from him was to give me broad smiles whenever we had eye contact and were in a group. You know the kinna smile you share when you both know a secret. hahaha..that was fun… At the end of evening we told him it was a prank and he was embarrassed..even though he hadn’t responded much. FUn!!


I haven’t spoken to him since his wedding and now I’m thinking whether I should call him or not!!! hmmm….dun knw..


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