Owning my Style!

I’ve never quite had a style sense that I could call personal. It’s always been a mix of whatever I can afford and is decent. But come to think of it your style does talk a whole lot about you.

My choice of clothes rarely reflect the person I am. In-fact, mostly they suppress me and present someone whom I recognize after looking twice at. It’s not that I’m shabby or have no choice, but yes honestly I’ve never put much effort or importance into my choices. What I usually go by is the general, usual and the appropriate stuff. I hardly experiment or add my touch to anything. For example for office I wear simple good cut shirts and trousers. No accessories and nothing. I buy it and wear it, just like you’d put it up on a dummy, or to say even dummies these days are more styled up! 🙂 You get the point right!

Few weeks back I asked my jazz instructor, whom I’m so jealous of but greatly admire also because of her great body and amazing style (dance and clothes), for some feedback. I was expecting she would say something about technique, point your toes, work from your stomach, extend and strech more, but what she told me was

“experiment with your attire, wear what you think a professional dancer wears, try things, bring your attitude and state of mind into everything even clothes, it will help you feel like a dancer and make you own yourself and your dance.”

I was like ‘what?’ and for a second the jealous part me in me said ‘she thinks I don’t know what to wear’, but as her words sinked in, I realized it wasn’t about the clothes, its about me, how I own everything around me, how I present me, coz if you can’t see the person I am by looking at me then I’m definitely hiding that great person unknowingly and its my part to show the real me.

I did take her advice and slowly started to experiment in my dance gear. I usually wore baggy tracks and a tee, usually black so the sweat circles don’t show.

The first week I held onto black but added a full sleeve, short upto my empire line shrug and after the warm up session I took it off and tied it around my waist.

The next class instead of the usual black tee I wore a more stylish tee that was light and little lose, with full sleeves that extended until half my palm and had a hole for my thumb to come out too.

And then yesterday’s class I took some color with me, I wore a peach sleeveless tank top with ruffles in the center and over it a navy blue top in wrap around style but is all open from the front and the wrap closed at the wend of top around my waist. So the peach tank was visible on the open area of wrap top and after it ended coz the tank was longer in length, so it looked like a colored border. I was amazed at how different and fresh and not-boring I looked. I was little hesitant in my mind thinking  if its too much, but got over it quickly and enjoyed my dance class with much style and fun.

It made me feel so different and so good. I was my own you know.

So now the plan is….

And now since I’ve got a taste of how style brings you more close and comfortable with yourself, I’m going to OWN MY STYLE! and build it too. A little experimenting is on the way and I would more effort to what I wear too. I’ve read a lot of fashion magazines, thanks to my fashion designer sis, and now when I read new ones I feel I already know the basic do’s and don’ts, styles and colors, but now I’m going to apply them to my wardrobe.
This also means a change in the way I shop. Its certainly going to be more time taking as now the requirement has changed from basic and nice to something that says me and good too.

I’m really excited about this..did u see how I posted my pic up there… And also a new tag in my cloud..Style!

Until later..Cheers!!


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