Did I do anything AT ALL this year??

This is what I’m wondering although I know I did do few things, but still shocked at how I knew but didn’t realize ‘this year is ending soon’.

Thanks to Sarah for reminding me, in an eye-opening kinna way, that it’s that part of the year already !! The part where we look back and see how far did we get in what we started out towards and evaluate, console, feel proud, laugh silly over it all. And then set out to make the new lists..

To start out with…lets recollect what I did this year (will update also at end of year)

January 2010 – I cleared all my debt with my all my yearly bonus.

-swore to start gym.

-participated in bhangra dance in office program.

-read ‘Many Lives, Many masters’ by Dr. Brian Weiss.

-glued to the new guitar.

-realization that my friend ‘A’ has drifted away. Sad!

-attended my friend’s and her twin sister’s wedding, both                                      in one  week  and loved playing kinna-bridesmaid and                                        enjoyed too

-again swore to start gym.

– for the first time was in a minor accident (hopefully                                              last).

– major fight with sis, followed by a beautiful article dedicated to her.

Feb 2010 – swore to start gym, but sis bought new mobile instead

my sis met with a total fake on matrimony site.

– maybe my friend ‘N’ likes me.

little upset with GOD for not sharing his plans for me.


March 2010 – sis lost her new mobile & I started gym

-school friend ‘N’ came to stay home for a week

mom n me

‘been single for too long’ list

trying to get healthy habits

‘easier said than done’ list

happy to be single

questioning faith

1 month of gym, 1 kg less, hurt over old fren ‘S’


April 2010 – cousin’s horrible wedding

creepy thoughts

New job offer, 1st resignation

Job switch..final


May 2010 – flirting with guitar tutor

new office starting and some yoga


June 2010 – things I appreciate in people around me

2 new guys to talk about in new office


July 2010 – some green, guy asks me out and cancels


August & September 2010 – I was absent here!! 😦


October 2010 – Back again, jazz again, novels again.

lost in matter of boys.

remembering angry times

limitations I put myself under


November 2010 – wrong reasons why I thought I wanted to date



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3 responses to “Did I do anything AT ALL this year??

  1. Yep, you did a lot this year… but what were your specific accomplishments? Don’t forget those! The new job was one! What about a guitar accomplishment?

  2. newme

    Ya I do underestimate my job change , the glory only lasted couple of weeks. But Im happy coz i knw there are better chances here, to get to places I want to go, like NY.

    Guitar–hmm..its a ongoing learning thing and I have to admit I do get lazy, but you can’t blame me its not like my profession but a hobby. earlier I used to tire myself out and make time for everything i have committed to , even hobbies and then more than enjoying it I started to feel tired and get worried if i didn’t make the time. A hobby should relax and sooth u,u should enjoy it, so I’ve been taking it slow, but not ignoring completely either.

    The link..totally worth. You’re welcome.

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