Finally a paycheque..

Finally I recieved my salary after 2 months, but not for the entire 2 months jus 1 and half coz the other half is with the previous company..which I still hate coz they have bluntly told me it will take them another 15 days to give me my money. is always good.

So before the green came in, all i was doing was dreaming about it and what all I will do when I have it, but now I’m too lazy to go shopping.. well its mid of week and I am tired and lazy and hungry when I get home. Now seriously the hunger is not going away. As I mentioned earlier, the food at my office is good and I eat little less than ample, which means I don’t hog and don’t feel full after I’ve eaten lunch, but then in the next 3 hours I’m not hungry either, but when I reach home after anotehr hour and half, I’m dead hungry and lately have been eating lot of junk,maggie, whatever is there. Bad i know.

Btw ‘Cute-Guy’ asked me out…yay!! but for some lame reason I’m getting the feeling that I asked myself out by pushing him on it or being know..provoking. Logically, I can’t second this thought, coz I didn’t do anything like this. I chatted with him few times last week and sure I sent the first ‘hi’, but then when he said he would ask me about the good outgoing places and didn’t, I didn’t tell him or anything. Then Monday I said hi and he asked me out. Well, he said that if you’re free on saturday evening then maybe we can me at Select City Walk mall, which he did mention is very close to his place, so ya kina mean not to consider how I will come and not even bothering to ask, but then he’s not adopted me right, I just expect too much. I told him will I don’t mind catching up but confirm by mid-week coz I don’t know the plans yet. Hah..plans.. like i do anything..just lie around at home and sleep and tv and guitar and sleep and hog. Anyhow I didn’t tell him all that. 🙂 But tomorrow is last day before Saturday and he hasn’t asked me if we’re meeting or not yet.  Now I’m thinking what if he doesn’t ask, should I tell him myself that we can meet or will that sound too desperate? bTw he hasn’t even taken y no. yet and we haven’t spoken even once on the phone. Its not a big deal but yes little not the usual. Maybe that’s a good thing 🙂

The ‘Tech-Guy’ has been very sticky. I enjoy chatting with him in the office but then I don’t feel like talking to him when I’m home coz a ) he talks too much and its not a conversation, its more like him going on and on and me just listening with ‘hmm’ and ‘ya’ responses. b) I didn’t like him too much, from the pics that I saw of him. You know not attracted or interested. c)he started calling me everyday after office..hellooo..I don’t want a sticky chewing gum. Its ok to talk once in a while, but please if he’s looking at talk everyday for hours..then I am out of here. I actually haven’t picked his calls on purpose for last 3 -4days now and then tell him whatever reason in the morning on office chat.

I mean why does he call everyday, we just chat a lot in office, then wahts the need? He was to come to my office this week and we could meet, but that got cancelled and I was ok with it. Ofcourse I would have liked him to like me and grow fond of me, and it would be ok if he was ok too, but then I wasn’t really looking forward to it or anything. You know the way I’m excited about ‘Cute-Guy’ .

Office is going ok. Started working and its nothing to talk about. But I’m participating in lot of things at my parent company, like organising a lunch meet for the people, then also a teaching under privildged kids on weekends (it starts mid week of July). I really feel I should be into event managment or something..i really enjoy all this. Maybe someday. 🙂

Weekend will be a date (after ages), a movie maybe, shopping..very necessary, join swimming this month i guess and.. guitar class. You won’t believe the last time I cancelled my class the guys sent me a message that plz don’t cancel so often coz it cuts out my earnings. Hello.. im here to learn and not to see that you earn well. I so wanted to tell him that, even now want to, but then I have to learn so..its better to keep shut..lets see.


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