Just somethings..

I can’t stop thinking about what comes next… What changes and how and when and why. The only thing I know is that I want to know.

I remember me being like this for a while now, feeling ‘the next’ would be the best place to be. School was ‘thinking about college’, college was about ‘work’ and now work is about ‘new places and new work.’

I wouldn’t say I missed on my present, but just assumed / believed the best was yet to come. That ‘best’ which would be ‘All that I ever wanted’. But when I reach that ‘next  place’,  ‘what I’ve wanted’ changes and so do my aspirations.

Change is the most constant factor in our lives and the irony just doesn’t stop here. It’s never my life about me, it’s there and only there, because of the people that surround me. My family, friends, other people that I feel are less important in my life, but somehow they define a lot of things around me, like my colleagues. And ‘I’ am just and only important as to ‘how I fit around these people’.

Amongst the mix of good and bad surprises in life, I have realized that it has all made me come to be a decent person (only and only according to me, not for judging anyone else) and that basically means that I’m not so bad to be around. If you’re contemplating WHY then in my defence:

  1. I do believe in the GOOD, you know that good things do happen and good people do exist.
  2. There is always hope for better to come.
  3. I sometimes pray to God and include unselfish prayers also.
  4. I don’t make efforts to make others’ life hell. (Believe me this is really a scorer! 😉 )
  5. I’m kina fun at times.I think…

Talking of people around me.. Something’s that I try to learn/ have seen from those who’ve been around me for sometime now:

N – Ignore things.. Sometimes you need to take your mind off the tension and distract yourself, even if it means complete ignorance..

A – Take things lightly! Mostly things aren’t as serious as we make them.

I  – It’s your life.. Wherever whatever, no one else can make you much happy / sad than yourself. So Enjoy it!

S – Dedication can be built; every day counts and makes it stronger. ..

Ni – Just be good. It stays with you forever..

S – Good times do come around, even if bad stays a little longer..

P – Staying happy is easy!

R & S – Being organized is something we should all try to learn..

D – Old friends are the best!!

A – Try and complain less.. it really doesn’t solve any problems you know!

Coming back to surprises…I’m always on the look out for what next and with much surety, than I have in anything else, I know that just when my anxiety and curiosity settles a bit, there will be some NEW turn that my life would take. But see that’s the thing, it’s only once in a while I rest back with now.

Fo now.. I’m waiting.. for the next.. J



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5 responses to “Just somethings..

  1. schildan

    Howdy 22-year-old software engineer from a 26-year-old English major (don’t hold it against me; I know my grammar’s horrible).

    I enjoyed reading your post. However, I am hoping you will accept a friendly challenge to the life outlook/philosophy you outlined above. Your post deals only with the positive, which only represents half of reality(the exact ratio isn’t the point). There is no need to shrink from the negative, unless you are afraid that the evil which you cannot mention is stronger than the good. I was just wondering how your world view deals with the flip side of the 5 points you mentioned.

    1.”I do believe in the GOOD, you know that good things do happen and good people do exist.” Flip side: Bad happens as well. Bad people exist.
    2.”There is always hope for better to come.” Flip side: yeah, but it might get worse too.
    3.”I sometimes pray to God and include unselfish prayers also.” Flip side: Yeah, but sometimes I don’t pray to God when I should, and some of my prayers actually are a bit selfish.
    4.”I don’t make efforts to make others’ life hell. (Believe me this is really a scorer! )” Flip side: I don’t always make efforts to help them if their life IS already hell, however.
    5.”I’m kina fun at times.I think…” Ok. I’ll let you keep that one.

    I hope you won’t be offended by this question. It’s an important subject to talk about. I hope you understand, of course, that the “I” I’m referring to could be you, or me, or anyone else for that matter. I am claiming that these general statements apply to everyone.

    • newme

      Maybe I’m only acknowledging and writing about one side of the coin..n somehow I do know that there is this other side..but not mentioning/accepting it, will keep it alteast one hand away from me..igorance, optimsitic..many things could be tagged to this thinking..but i do know wat ur talking about.

      Im not sure if Im scared that the negative will or will not overpower the good…

      just keeping the thoughts as and when they come.. maybe i was just in a good n happy place when i wrote this.. on some other day, i might find only cribbing and flaws with myself..

      again…just d thoughts as they came.

      n no offence.. i’m glad u took time to share ur opinion. 🙂

      • schildan

        I can understand of course, why one would choose to be in the “good n happy place” versus worrying over “cribbing and flaws” with themself. However, one does not need to decieve themself about the more horrible part of their life, if they honestly believe that there is an antidote that can defeat it. Let’s call the bad side what it is: Sin. You are a nasty person (not to pick on only you, it applies to us all). The question, is, can that part of you be destroyed?
        II Corinthians 7:10-11

        “For godly sorrow produces repentance leading to salvation, not to be regretted, but the sorrow of this world produces death.”

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