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New stuff in my life

A lot has changed since the past month and you know how good we humans are to changes..and more on me, please add a lot of time more on the adjustments.

Anyways, happy to announce that I finally left my old  job and joined a new place. The leaving was easy, but new place was, well..NEW! From the location, to the building, to everything. I travelled a couple of days by myself and thank god it is much closer than previous office, and that meant waiting in the sun for bus, taking the crowded bus with just about 2 inches to rest your butt in, crane your neck over which route it will take today and where you need to get off, get off and take rikshaw, finally reach the air-conditioned-office and soon after start feeling cold coz its too much air-conditioned. The journey would take me about 30-45 min and office was 9 hours.

The first few days were confusion and finally we had some more evaluations to get us through the client interviews. I went in for one and got through. So now I was being parceled to the client site, which is another 10 minutes away. And here we have free food and travel. Heaven!

So now when I saw new office, i mean my client office, coz my parent company office didn’t let me stay long enough to feel like my office. Anyhow, the new office is good, good infrastructure, good food, great coffee machines imported from the parent country and that serves yumm chocomilk. The people, hmm.. they seemed good too, a little better dressed, i think that’s because its 5 days formals, you know how people go crazy on casual wear days.none of that here. They also seemed very professional and distant. The guys were neat and better, than what..i don’t know..better than those in my last office. 🙂

The team, is ok, there is a south indian female as my team mate and i had a thought she will be difficult to understand and make understand too. Its been 2 weeks, but cannot comment about it. The other people are ok not too great. I haven’t made friends yet, just go for lunch with couple of people who look about my age group and chit chat.

Work is starting up, but I don’t like my manager, why are all of them such jerks. He hasn’t said or done much, but I k now he will not take my side if I need him to.

Some more things happening, but I’m a little superstitious about spilling them here…but now that I’ve mentioned cannot go without not telling you about it too.

The day I went for my client interview, I was waiting at the reception and this cute and well dressed guy came and sat next to me. I noticed him and not in obvious way and I could see that he was noticing me too, yes my habitt of watching tv with sided eyes(not squint or anything ok)  came to use. So he was noticing me a lot ..within the 10 minutes he was there..and then he went away. I was thinking about talking to him, but thought it would not be right and now i know it wouldn’t have been right. will tell why later.

so after couple of days when i joined office and the guy i was replacing started introducing me around, I saw he was the neighbour, lets call him ‘Cute Guy’. So we got briefly introduced and he noticed and i did too. I sat near to his seat for 2 days, for few hours each, and just hi-hello stuff. I thought about how I should start the conversation and all but didn’t do that coz the manager was sitting close by and then it would look desperate or too unprofessional, see that’s why it was good i didn’t speak to him on the reception.

Anyways when I decide I will talk to him, that mornig i see his desk packed, he has moved to another location. Ya right! Then couple of days after i get access to all applications and all, and we have internal chat service, so there i ping him and introduce myself, he dosen’t recognize and then i’m not online for another 2 days(technical problems). Finally when i am permanently online, he replies and says hello. Then we share a litle conversation, same for next 2 days and then he gets talking about the good places in Delhi, i tell him about few and then he says ok will ask you on wednesday, hope you will be free, so i tell him fine, i can tell you about the good places anytime.  Now today there was no newz from him. But Im guessing he will ask tomorrow. What should I say??

You see he was more into drinks and clubs  and I don’t even know anything about him, so maybe is a no for that. But then I could suggest for coffee meet, im sure he will not like it. maybe an early evening date (yay :)) n couple of drinks is also ok. I mean i will now him only when i meet him right. But then there is also a doubt, he seems little like the cute-bad guys and you know how you know things will be little risky you stll feel getting into them knowingly. same here. well lets see.

Another guy (yeah..some benefit of new office atleast!) , lets call him ‘tech-guy’, coz we got talking when i called the support no. for some software installations and he was very sweet and assisted me. Then he extended help and gave me his extn no. and told to call him directly if any issues. I felt i was getting an upper hand and getting work done by talking sweet, but soon after we were chatting on office chat. Lot of chatting and he shared his pics from recent trip to Leh ladakh, awesome place btw, and he seemed ok. Again lot of chat and then i shared my youtube profile to see my guitar videos and he said i was cute.  then we exchanged no.s and today we spoke on mobile after offfice. I’m not expecting anything much but then i’ve decided i will not write off anyone either, based on my stupid expectations. also im going to be realistic and mature and take things as they come and not form opinions and what they should be rules. I might meet him soon and maybe become friends or more, for now no over thinking. He seems like a nice person though, simple and fun guy. let see.

So office is little boring apart from the new guys. 🙂

I often feel sleepy after lunch and haven’t felt the ‘lets gets this rolling’ feel even once. much credit to already seeming hard to work with teammate.

Anyone who asks me howz it going ..all i say is ok, but too soon to make any comments.

And yes, no salary for past month and I’m broke  and last office say tehy will take another 1 month to pay.. bloody theifs..

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Just somethings..

I can’t stop thinking about what comes next… What changes and how and when and why. The only thing I know is that I want to know.

I remember me being like this for a while now, feeling ‘the next’ would be the best place to be. School was ‘thinking about college’, college was about ‘work’ and now work is about ‘new places and new work.’

I wouldn’t say I missed on my present, but just assumed / believed the best was yet to come. That ‘best’ which would be ‘All that I ever wanted’. But when I reach that ‘next  place’,  ‘what I’ve wanted’ changes and so do my aspirations.

Change is the most constant factor in our lives and the irony just doesn’t stop here. It’s never my life about me, it’s there and only there, because of the people that surround me. My family, friends, other people that I feel are less important in my life, but somehow they define a lot of things around me, like my colleagues. And ‘I’ am just and only important as to ‘how I fit around these people’.

Amongst the mix of good and bad surprises in life, I have realized that it has all made me come to be a decent person (only and only according to me, not for judging anyone else) and that basically means that I’m not so bad to be around. If you’re contemplating WHY then in my defence:

  1. I do believe in the GOOD, you know that good things do happen and good people do exist.
  2. There is always hope for better to come.
  3. I sometimes pray to God and include unselfish prayers also.
  4. I don’t make efforts to make others’ life hell. (Believe me this is really a scorer! 😉 )
  5. I’m kina fun at times.I think…

Talking of people around me.. Something’s that I try to learn/ have seen from those who’ve been around me for sometime now:

N – Ignore things.. Sometimes you need to take your mind off the tension and distract yourself, even if it means complete ignorance..

A – Take things lightly! Mostly things aren’t as serious as we make them.

I  – It’s your life.. Wherever whatever, no one else can make you much happy / sad than yourself. So Enjoy it!

S – Dedication can be built; every day counts and makes it stronger. ..

Ni – Just be good. It stays with you forever..

S – Good times do come around, even if bad stays a little longer..

P – Staying happy is easy!

R & S – Being organized is something we should all try to learn..

D – Old friends are the best!!

A – Try and complain less.. it really doesn’t solve any problems you know!

Coming back to surprises…I’m always on the look out for what next and with much surety, than I have in anything else, I know that just when my anxiety and curiosity settles a bit, there will be some NEW turn that my life would take. But see that’s the thing, it’s only once in a while I rest back with now.

Fo now.. I’m waiting.. for the next.. J


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