To stop and think

I am so flirting with my guitar tutor, who btw is a year and a half younger to me( just had to mention that).  Now nothing starts up on its own, but this time it was he who initiated it all.

Yes, I was in total awe of him whenever I saw him playing the guitar and then he’s also kinda cute, but not good dressing sense, but I never made a, you know official hit on him. It was just me praising his guitar skills and he would always be amused that I was so impressed.

We started off easily with the lessons and he’s been a good fun tutor, chatting away and making jokes, but all this started last week, all I did was ask him to find me a cute guitarist between 24-27 age group and he said he missed the criteria by just 1 year.

Yesterday, was a whole new story. He came and I was dead tired to take a class, luckily he was also exhausted so he didn’t want to teach, so we sat there just chatting away. He mentioned he was not able to find anyone for me and that only he was available. Then this thing went on and on and then he started playing some songs for me.. just for me.. to get some pointers so I would consider him. I kept asking about his colleagues, who turned to have weird names and he obviously was saying they were dumb and his teacher (whom he learnt music with), who is a 50 years old bachelor man with a BMW and his own recording studio.  wow!! He was like really trying you know, that I would somehow take him seriously, and then I got into the game and did some curved smiles and eyelash batterring..and now I’m thinking.. why did I have to do this?

He also told me he’s going to be travelling to Mumbai twice every week and there would be a change in my class schedule, with additional info that he could have his spouse/girlfriend travel with him too. I told him he couldn’t bribe me with that.

Somehow we started playing the game of me giving him points, when he compared his pro’s over his colleague’s cons. Then he played some songs for me, one was really romantic and old one, and he said, I learned this long time back and now am getting to apply them.  And when he left he was on 7 points and the criteria was 10, so he told me he’s going t get a 100 pointer song for me next time that he recorded in the studio. And while leaving he told me people usually say away such things and in the end say they’re kidding, but ‘I am not kidding’. God! did he mean it?

I was mostly laughing away all of it, except the smiling and eyelash battering.  Somehow I was also  thinking, ‘this can’t be serious, he’s younger to me and he’ll ge ta  lot of girls who are more slim and sexy’ (now that was my self-doubt speaking). But seriously, I couldn’t understand why would he want to flirt with me, it didn’t make sense.

Anyhow, I did dream about how it would be if we were together and although I can’t get myself to ignore his dressing sense and his scarf that he wears on his head before he puts on a helmet and the bike he rides.  I told my sis about it and she said he was cute and 1 year younger didn’t matter.  I told her she was giving me wrong advice. Then we were laughing away on how we should never take opinion from each other on the guys we like/date, coz either they don’t seem good enough for my sister or we don’t agree that he’s good. lol!

Now I’m thinking, why the hell did i flirt with him, however subtly, but I did get into it?  He did persuade me and tried, but why did I get there? It was fun and i enjoyed the attention and the high knowing that someone younger was into me, but still not sure why I played along?

Maybe when after a long time when someone flirts with you, you just flirt back, in excitement? in disbelief? in no-sense?

I know this will never go anywhere,a nd even if this would be a little light thing, I would eventually end up loosing my tutor, who teaches me amazing stuff. So now I stop to think and have decided I am not making this happen next time. Maybe he will try to convince me but I will not be convinced. I can flirt al little, more subtly but don’t want to mess anything up. I won’t let anything happen and just limit it here to having a good laugh over all this how much eligible he is for me.  Why is this feeling sad to writer though ?

Am I making sense?   Tell me if I’m not.



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2 responses to “To stop and think

  1. I dont see anthing wrong in going out with him. i mean, hez just an year younger. whn men can take younger women, why cant women too? No MCP or F’s opinions here.
    besides his dressing, u havnt listed any bad pointers of him.
    pata nahi phir bhi… am just saying.

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