Looking to tell you something new..

I’ve been thinking of what’s new that I could write about and found nothing. Well we know when we say ‘nothing’ is doesn’t mean literally nothing, just somethings that don’t seem important enough.

Anyways, since I totally feel like writing today, here are some of my life ‘Not-so-important-enough-somethings’:

The work with my new company is still going on, there are some background checks happening and I have stopped calling my grandparents 3 times a day to confirm if they got a call for my background check ,  coz I know it will happen and I know this because the process started by a check done on my current address and mom approved that. So, its moving and my nerves are calm now.

At my current workplace, I’ve made few friends, that does seem a little odd to me. Because I’m still confused on how your office friends should be and how much personal they can be. I did make a friend ‘D’ when I joined, she’s married and all, but lately ever since my role of acting-promotion thing started, she’d been behaving so sensitive and weird. I would go out of my way to be polite and tell her what needs to be done and coordinate it all with her, but she was so upset over everything I asked her, I mean why can’t  you accept I’m moving ahead so I have to take care of some stuff, and she was complaining that I was being bossy. I swear I was too polite, even more than when we were at the same level. But now she’s all cool coz I told her I’m leaving and she also seemed little guilty for the tension we had for sometime.

Anyways, so another friend I’ve managed to make is ‘P’, she doesn’t work from my office place but I keep visiting her office location now and then and we got chatting over guitar and dark chocolate and became pally. Why do I feel like I’ve told this earlier?.Anyways, we also work on few same projects and I find our coordination pretty good there too. We talk and discuss, take opinion and then decide, like a good team. She has a boyfriend and is in a long distance relationship and no friends in Delhi. Now I feel she’s quite a nice person. We talk about much stuff and sometimes bitch about office people and then she tells me laugh-till-you-cry episodes of her boyfriend. So I told her I’m single and that there aren’t good enough boys left to date or I don’t seem to be meeting any, so she out of too much free time, tried to set me up with a guy from out office itself, but located at a different location than hers and mine. She met him on some weekend she was working and then he was hitting on her, so she told him that she’s engaged and he told her its ok but she would help her find him a nice girl, as nice as herself. So ‘P’ told me that there’s this guy and I was so not okay with the concept of someone who was after her to meet me as a second option, however I didn’t find it to serious to consider or comment and I told her there wasn’t any harm in meeting so it was okay, but also told her not to tell him I said ok to meet and that she would make me meet him as if by chance, you know it could be hurting to someone to get rejected after knowing someone agreed to meet but didn’t like what they saw. Talk about Positive Thinking. 🙂 So she was waiting till I come to her location and she would call the guy also, but when I went there she was on leave a day prior so couldn’t tell the guy to come and I was kind of relieved about that, with all the manager talk and all was going on then. Now she told me he has been bothering her too much asking when he can meet me and she was really getting fed up and I am so not interested in meeting him either. Poor ‘P’ is now stuck explaining to him when I’ll be there. 🙂 Funny na~ little i think..~

Then yesterday I had my guitar class and that guy, ‘J’, I told you-all that he looks cool playing and all, but then I thought he was kind of hitting on me or maybe just kidding around, you never know with boys. Huh! I’ll tell you what happened and let me know if I’m thinking too much, which might be, coz you know ..ok whatever..

So we were just playing and he was teaching me stuff and then something about friends came up and he said he didn’t have any much friends apart from his guitar. Yeah! he’s in love with music. So, I told him that’s sad coz I was about to tell him to find me someone from his friends circle you know nice and cute guy, he asked me what was the criteria, so I told him anyone between age of 24-27, nice , good-looking, playing guitar even better. He started thinking and when I asked him did he have someone in mind, he said ‘I was thinking I’m 23 so wouldn’t that work?’ I laughed it off and told him he missed the chance just by a year. Then he was playing the guitar and his feet kind of touched mine, like not intentionally, but he was already sitting there and I was also at same place that I was at, but he moved his leg ahead and adjusted a little to play some song, and his little toe was touching my feet, he was wearing floaters and I was in open scandals. I’m pretty sure this didn’t mean anything, but then if I noticed this then he surely must’ve too right? or not, boys usually don’t notice much. Blah! When he was leaving I told him again, don’t forget to find someone for me and he again said ‘Won’t you be able to work with me?’, of course both of us spoke in joke-kinda funny way. A little about ‘J’, he’s one year younger to me and he sweet and very funny and plays amazing guitar. He’s okay attractive, but not boyfriend material for me. Why do we girls think so much about everything and Notice everything?.. haha 🙂

I also posted some Videos of my guitar playing at my facebook and much people liked it. With so many compliments I was all happy yesterday and kept watching my video like an obsessed baby with his new toy. 🙂

Basically Life’s Good!



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3 responses to “Looking to tell you something new..

  1. Seems like, only ur frnds get to watch ur vids n not us.. 😦
    i just wonder, why wud girls hav to first think of boys on ‘marriage material stuff’, and not as a ‘Friend material’.. only if u like him as a frnd, u can think of all tht stuff later.. shdnt it better happen this way, n not the othr way round? am just curious though.

  2. newme

    You know i feel its a different perspective for everyone.

    Like I, cannot imagine a good friend t be anything else, altough my love interest becoming my best friend is a sure possibility. 🙂

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