However cool You get

Amongst the fast changing times, everything we knew and learnt growing up , now seems different, and I’ve heard the more different the more Cool it is called.

I don’t live with my parent’s. Cool!

I’m in an open relationship.  So Cool!

I don’t like interference from my family, I just call them once a month. Wow! that’s Cool.

I don’t mind if my best friends are now hanging out more with some new people they met at the club. I’m cool! I’ll find some new group soon.

Break-ups are such drama’s , it’s easier to move on.. Cool!

Times are changing, there is so much culture change, mindset change, deciding how much of values and morals you want to stick with and what seems old to replace. How much space to new thoughts you’ve given with what you believed in taking a back gear. How much you can be yourself , without being uncool.

But sincerely and honestly, here what I think about it:

I don’t say no to a much easier and less complicated and un-bounded way of living, but the emotions part of our being, never get simple. 

We might have found ways to find new love quicker, but it doesn’t hurt less to part with someone you loved once and every once in a while you will secretly think of the old love and hurt a little.

We may appear cool living by ourselves in a one-room apartment, but with every small happiness or sadness, our hearts wish the place was filled with family and we could share this news, even when they wouldn’t want to hear and you had to drag each one to listen to you.

We do meet new people very often now, but they will never know how you cry when you’re sad, how you put up a smile when you’re sad or how you go bizarre shopping when nothing feels right.

There may be newer and convenient friends circles, who don’t bother to interfere in your decision, who won’t boss you to go home coz it was late, who’d never ask any personal questions , but the best friend of your childhood is the person you always thank for pulling you out of the mess, listening to your family issues and whom you freely fight with over why she couldn’t stay out for another hour.

We may find it a relief to have no limitations to a relationship, but you want someone to worry about you and

It might be the scene today to go the club on weekend nights, but sometimes you just feel like getting into the quilt with a book or just chatting on the phone for hours.

You may become the newest talk of the club when you enter in those ultra short dress/designer jeans, but when everyone stares at you too much.. you still can’t help, but wonder, ‘is my fly open?/ Did I forget to zip up?’! 🙂

A heart that loves and hurts, some care taken, valuing the family who watched you grow, having a childhood best friend, wanting a love to die for, weekend nights with a good book, comfortable clothes .. nothing seems much cool than this to me.

What about you? What’s COOL to you?


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One response to “However cool You get

  1. Sitting at home, chatting with my best friends.
    thats the coolest thing………

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