It’s started now..

So, I did talk to my manager the other day and yes I did give him a good piece of my mind. First I had to approach him and then he asked if we could talk, we went into a meeting room and he started showing me some numbers, comparing what I’m offered and what I will be given here and how the difference is not much. He was such a jerk, he told me he would give me the promotion in next eight months and some salary hike now and some later, which so obviously seems like a stupid thing to even ask me to consider, knowing that I am getting offered all that the very next month. So basically he didn’t make any efforts to make me stay. I told him I’ll think about it till the evening and then tell him. As I was about to leave the room few other people came in to meet him, I turned back, requested others to leave and then gave it off to him. I told him it was very inappropriate to shout at me and that I did not expect this. He was all sorry, my apologies and all, then he said ‘I had so many things going through my  head’ and I quickly caught him there. I told him there were millions of things going on with me too, but I didn’t choose to shout at him. Again couple of sorry’s and then after i had said it all I moved out of the room with much satisfaction. I’ve never confronted a senior at work that way and you know what it felt good, coz I was right and he was being an ass.

I had made my mind in the meeting itself but still I waited until the evening to tell him that I wasn’t  going to stay. Which again made me nervous but happy too.

Then I went to my grandparent’s place on Saturday to get the documents I needed, coz my grandfather is officially old now and he send me the bill with the wrong address.  I didn’t want to waste another day on this, so mom and me went. I was bad travel and I got though it somehow. I collected the paper and we moved back on Sunday evening. Now I was so tired of the crappy public transport that I needed a day off, so Monday was recovering day.

 I also sent in the papers on Monday and just realized that I missed one document. I mailed the scan copy right now to HR. She’ll think I’m an idiot, but anyways.

Next hope, all checks go fine and I get the joining date soon. :))

I feel like an amateur at this.. hey I AM!! so all the nervous type things are okay.. 🙂



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2 responses to “It’s started now..

  1. Finally..!!
    tumhari aur tumhare blog ki yaad aayi..
    ofcourse, therz so much for me to catchup on ur posts. bt it was all ur fault coz u’d stoppd writing sometime back..
    good to hear tht u’re taking up a new job. congratulations. n just for the fact, all managers are big time a******s. Right frm the day u resign, they’ll start exploitin u, to get all their work done. so, jst beware of it..
    n if u dint knew, am too workin at a new company now, since like 2 months n it feels pretty nice. new ppl, new atmosphere, everything..!!
    will soon cover up all those pending posts.. n m eager to know wot ur new job is abt..
    keep writing..!!

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