Things are moving ahead now.

As I type this there is a smile on my face and such content in my heart, also there are mixed feelings of nervousness, anxiety, some in-confidence and uncertainty.

What’s the deal? Well, I’m switching my job!

If you haven’t read about me and my thoughts, then this might seem too overrated to you, but if you have been keeping track, then this is a large part of my life where I am by choice w.r.t my responsibilities and yet regret it. It’s that part of my life which had been feeling stuck and stagnant forever, that treadmill where I ran and ran my legs out, but it can only stay at the same place and you reach nowhere apart from where you start.

Couple of weeks back I went into the interview for a job all nerves and came out with the job.  I was kinda surprised too and happy too. I didn’t say it out here, coz I still had no paper in hand and those days of waiting were nerve wrecking. You know how it is, when you can smell the cake in the oven and you know you want to eat it as soon as it came out, Only, it will come out after an hour. I swear i was checking my updates day and night multiple times. 🙂

Then finally I got the papers in place and then I accepted.

So I wrote my first ever resignation and sent it out. Now I don’t know if it’s normal, but I did get freezed up fingers and it took me hours of reading, closing, reading, before I finally send it. We have a policy to serve a notice period and mine was 30days. So I wrote that my official last day would be 1 month from today. My manager called in the evening and asked me what all I was getting at the new place and he agreed he couldn’t match up to it. He also asked me what compensation I was getting there and what was the distribution, I didn’t give him the exact numbers and told him will say tomorrow. The next day he called and I gave him the % of each component, at this he yelled at me and I was shocked. He was supposed to plead me to stay.  He was screaming on the phone saying that he wanted the actual numbers so that he could come up with an offer . Now maybe I don’t know much about these things, but I do know that screaming on someone will not make them stay. I got so pissed off, I was madly angry but then I couldn’t even shout back , so I told him his voice was too loud, he did soften after that, but my anger didn’t. I was so so angry.

At the new place, after I accepted, the next step is background check and we need to send some documents for that. I always give my permanent address as my grandfather’s place as they own their place and we keep moving in rented places, so just for chance. Now they needed some proof and that involves getting some more documents, which havent been done yet.  I called my old grandpa and asked him to get it done and he did try but couldn’t get it and was saying he will do it today. My mom offered to go there and get it done quickly, but today she has high blood pressure ,due to lack of sleep, which is due to electricity cut off last night till 2am.

So, the papers aren’t ready yet , actually just one paper, and I’m FREAKING OUT!!

I’m so nervous and scared. God please get this done well. Although there is no reason it shouldn’t go well coz all my stuff is genuine and no forge, but still I want to see it all cleared.

And here, that ass of a manager, he had asked me to come to the location he was at so we can talk about what he has got, and I am here, but in no mood to talk to him. My entire body language reads tensed right now and I can’t make it go away.

I want to get cleared with the discussion with my manager here and then ofcourse refuse it. Next I want to get my checks and all cleared at the new place and be ready to join.


This is quite a ride !! and then other kind of stupid doubts keep coming to my mind, that I am trying so hard to put away and only think positive.

Well, to start with, it’s positive enough that this is a change that I wanted. 🙂 I’ll hold onto that thought.

And btw this new place is like too good. I remember when I used to hear people got into there I would be ‘OMG’ ..but somehow I’m not able to enjoy it for myself yet. Hope so I will soon! And yes there is a celebration party waiting too. :)) My family is also excited about it as the new place has lot of options to travel to new places to work like onsite job stuff.  🙂



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3 responses to “Things are moving ahead now.

  1. Congratulations!!

    I left my last job because I hated my boss. He was a real jerk and it was a bad company and so 3/5 people on my team quit. Then, he didn’t replace them fast enough and it all fell on me so I quit too. The look on his face was priceless. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

  2. newme


    I did enjot it, but just little nervous. 🙂

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