Sleepy and lame post..

Disclainer: This is a sleepy and lame post. Please don not blame me as I was also under heavy influence.

CAution: Might be infectious!

This was supposed to be a long fun weekend but instead it became a tiring and waste of time.

Anyhow, I spent Friday watching TV until my eyelids kinna sunk. Saturday was also much of TV and lots of sleeping, I really didn’t get any peaceful or decent hours of sleep through last week and then comes weekend nights, where I don’t need to worry on any alarms, but I get a bad sleep time, you know the kind of thing you have when something is wrong, the pillow, the posture, and you can’t figure it out to correct it either, so that’s why I kinna slept through Saturday. We were to attend a cousin’s wedding on Sunday, so Saturday evening was all about who’s wearing what and the trials and giving opinions, which I do give and then have to hear that I’m good for nothing or misguiding :). Anyways, I wasn’t at all excited over this event, coz the last time we did get pretty excited but the outcome wasn’t nice. Relatives are really mean people. So I decided on wearing a salwaar kameez for whatsoever number of events there were. Sunday morning was a havoc, coz nothing was packed and we were to leave with our aunt and reach her place, but we were not at all prepared. After much noise we did move out of house and reached my aunt’s place much later. We all literally stuffed into their car and moved for the wedding house. The welcome wasn’t exactly warm and for some reason I was getting the cold shoulder from my aunt and cousins, the one whose marraige it was. What?  I was confused, but then I decided not to think much, and helped around the house with little stuff.

Later in the evening we moved (again stuffed in the car) for the wedding place, which was quite far and took us a lot of time and we were all really exhausted. We got ready and the rest of the people came in much later. The ceremony started by 11:30pm and we were all hungry wolves. Was good to have all the cousins around though, except the ones giving me cold looks. My feet were killing me and somehow I feel I’ve lost the resistance to pain for fashion sake, comfort is my only way, and then some dancing. Finally we left the wedding in between at 12:30 am and went to rest, which also did not happen, as the mosquitoes found a new taste of blood and coudn’t resist us, which meant we slept around 5am and woke up around 9am. God this is boring..let me cut this short. Then we once again visited the cousin’s place, saw the bride and some dance and jokes and left at 8pm and reached home by 9:3pm.

Ordered food and cake for my sister’s birthday and stayed awake till midnight to celebrate. Btw she turned 26 and it is so unbelievable. And yes, everyone at home things she should be the next one to get married off. Dozed off around 1am and woke up at 5:45am and am here in office since then with goosebumps on my arms coz they have the freaking air condition running at such low temperature. I’m seriously considering carrying a woollen something to office everyday, until they turn the heat up(which is not going to happen) else something else (can’t say now, will do later).

This is to be counted as one of my lamest and sleepiest posts. I’m dreaming with my eyes open, about a good sleep. Yawn!!!

Hope you’ll had  fun weekend!



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3 responses to “Sleepy and lame post..

  1. Too funny–I think my posts could be described in similar fashion.

  2. newme

    Slamdunk – glad the lameness atleast made someone laugh! But I couldn’t find ur post that u say was similar…

    maybe this is me sleep-talking-writing. lol! will open my eyes and look again later. 🙂

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