To know Before time

I was watching the movie ‘The Time Traveller’s wife’ yesterday, which btw is not so much the wife at all, and got thinking,’is it better to know thing before time?’

I mean, maybe not all future type unrealistic things like in the movie, but just basic stuff of life, say a kid knowing that he will die someday, or a girl knowing she will have almost death like pain in childbirth, young girls seeing how couples behave madly in love, you got what I’m saying right?

I think, with me sometimes, if I see something that hasn’t happened in my life yet and see how people react and behave, then somewhere it leaves a mark in my head that, that is  how you react on such a thing if it ever happens. It’s not intentional but I think its like that with me. You know there’s this hidden virtual reference guide kind of storage in my brain which has the ‘how and should’s’.

I also feel it somewhere keeps me blocked from my own original reaction to the situation. I wonder if this was the first time then how would I react.

So, basically, I’m opting for ‘NO’.

What your view on it? I think let’s do a poll.


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