More on a saner note..

I checked the dictionary to see if that is a word actually, ‘saner’.  lol!

And since I did use ‘note’, so little update on some music in my life. Guitar learning has been relatively slow to when I had begun. However, the important past is it is going on. I used to take the class once a week, but last few weeks there wasn’t much practice so I did postpone it to bi-weekly.  The week before, on Monday class, my guitar was corrected for action and tune. The very next day it was out of tune, and I admit I haven’t learnt manual tuning yet. Well, I did learn, but its something that you learn with time, you kinda develop an ear for the correct sounds. So, when i tried to tune it nothing happened and it all went worse weird sounds. Then my bro tried to be too smart and broke off a string. He’s so funny, I didn’t know he had done something, but after one day he couldn’t keep the secret in his mouth and babbled it out. lol! That’s we call him ‘Randall’ from ‘The Recess’ cartoon. 🙂 Well, I asked my tutor t o drop in anytime this week and tune it for me, he said will try but he didn’t turn up so last monday he was surprised that I hadn’t done a thing. With little reminder he caught it was him missing, so no class, instead he changed some strings tuned it in, but I was not very happy with the sound of it, he said it ws the new strings, but I had doubts. The next day i.e yesterday Is at down with it and I just could n’t get myself to play coz really the sound wasn’t right. Now I may not know what the correct sound is, but I know what’s not the correct sound. I’ve asked my tutor for new strings and tuning help today again. Hopefully it will be as musical and soothing as before. Really, it was heartbreaking to see my guitar like that. Aww!

Then something about an old friend ‘S’, whom I have been in much drama with over the years and she has moved to Canada for a year now for work. She wouldn’t call and I tried a couple of times but not good response. She would call ‘A’ my other friend and then I would hear updated from her, which did not sound nice. She’s on Facebook and so I did always check her status and all, which I realized just made me sadder.

I once heard somewhere, that you should leave behind all that brings pain to ou, or something like that, and I realized this was bringing pain, it was something in the past that was good, but now dragging it into my present and hoping to get back what gone behind was only hurting. So, i wrote my status as something similar ‘If something that was joy and now only brings pain, is better to let go of. For All!’ and then removed her from my friends list. I don’t want to dig out this dead stuff and I’m not carrying the burden of it too. If it didn’t work then I cannot be the only reason right? I’m done mourning over it.  Huh! feel relieved!

Also something I am going to start is to ‘not be judgemental’, not form opinions quickly and also not see someone from other’s influenced POV. This should do me some good.

Yesterday, I completed one month (15 days to be precise) of going to gym and the scale has tilted to a kg less. It’s ok though. Slow and steady wins the race. I’m also having thoughts on starting yoga, but my past experience is stopping me. I used to do yoga and lost weight really well then I stopped, I think out of boredom, and then I puffed up so quickly, it was almost cheating or hidden side effect. Still thinking over it.

The last thing I want to talk about is work. Last friday plan to speak to my manager about the promotion did not happen, coz he wasn’t in office, now I am going there tomorrow.  Also I worked a few hours on Sunday night and so took my Monday as Comp off . Why do I feel I’ve already told you this?? Anyways, I so did not want to come to office. I was almost like a needle going through my heart inch by inch as the hours of monday night passed. I don’t know if this is how it’s with everyone, but the more time is going by, it’s getting more difficult to turn up after the weekend. Thankfully, once in office I am better. I don’t panic or cry or anything and do my work  i.e ofcourse after couple of hours of blogging pleasure.

Btw, I continuously follow this blog ‘The Compulsive Confessor’ and her blogs are totally amazing and she must be too. I started reading her blogs after I read her book ‘Here you are’ and it was sometime around the time when I had absolutely no work in office, so I started from her first blog and read through years of her life. It’s very interesting and honest. Nothing too fancy though.  Read it, its fun!


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