Why being Single is FABULOUS!!

In no particular order…here’s my list.  Please ADD to it..

– You can make & cancel plans on your own. Which means, no waiting up, no obligatory visits, no guilt of hurting anyone. Isn’t that just fab!!

– You can spend all that hard saved up  money on YOURSELF, instead of gifts for someone else. More shopping for me, wat could be better!

– You are officially allowed to eye every candy in the bar. And there’s no conscious cribbing in your mind and telling you to stop.

– You can go to all the places you love without having to worry about someone else’s preference. 

– You don’t have to hear the constant nags about ‘how much time you spend at the parlour’. So girls.. ready to spend the lazy afternoons in peace.

– There is more than 1 reason to go lingerie shopping and to feel pretty 😉

– No late night calls, when you dead tired and want to sleep. Phew!! such a relief!

– More time to gossip…

– Much time for all your fav stuff, watching ‘never been kissed’ for the nth time, reading M&B.

– You don’t have to pretend you’re intersted in that sport, that he so digs. Please I can watch all the drama series and feel great now.

– You certainly are off the worries about ‘how his friends are?’, ‘Is he looking decent to go out with?’ , ‘What are his weird secrets?’, ‘How many ex’s do I have to deal with?’

– Flirting, dating, unlimited…

– No more feeling conscious, ‘how much weight have i put on?’ .. okay, who am i kidding.. this will never go away. 😉

–   No nightmares on ‘where is this going?’

that’s all I can get down, but you please ADD Up…

P.S: Was starting a rather grumpy and ranting post in the morning, but glad I finished this instead.



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3 responses to “Why being Single is FABULOUS!!

  1. You don’t have to worry about “the talk” that you’s need to have about where it’s going

    You don’t have to worry about what you look like when you wake up in the morning (or if you have bad morning breath lol)

    You don’t have to “Meet the parents”

    You don’t have to introduce him to your parents :S

    You can eat what ever you like for dinner (don’t even have to cook!)

    All the “girls out” nights you can imagine…

    im sure there’s wayyy more :d

  2. newme

    lacybuttons – great ones !!! ya, i knw the list is endless and the ‘couples’ reading this must be cursing me for reminding them.. lol!!

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