My eyes will pop out anytime now..

and that’s because it seems like I haven’t slept in ages, which is so not true (I slept past the gym hour on Monday and Tuesday) as I have only not slept well yesterday. seriously, sleep is a good investment and much largely ignored, especially by stupid people like me. I’ve been in the office for almost 3 hours now and although I’m not sleeping I can’t say I’m awake either. I’m yawning, rubbing my eyes, word son the monitor going blurry, shaking my head to see clear, raising my eyebrows to stop the drooping eyes and it feels like someone has stuck toothpicks in my eyes (like in TOM and Jerry show). Aarrggh!

I slept late yesterday around 12ish and then today morning awoke up at 6, which is what my routine was pretty much, but since I started going to the gym I think much rest is needed, which explains the missing monday and tuesday yeah!  Oh did I forget to tell you’all, gym started again, its been almost three weeks now and just yesterday I weighed myself and guess what, I’m down 1.5kg already. But then considering I put on 5kg since the last time I left gym, so there is a long way to go. *blurry screen, shake head*. better.

I’ve also started to eat healthy, so no mayonee sandwich for breakfast instead i get almost non-butter sandwich from home, then some in-between snack like fruits, or tea and biscuits, then lunch, which again I most try to get from home unless mom had cooked only potato curry for dinner (which is what happened today). Then evening I go and take tea and some biscuits. Then after gym I either miss dinner or just take a glass of milk or a bowl of vegetable curry/pulses.

I know all my health and diet stuff isn’t the best thing to read, but the point is I’m making an effort. Right?

Something also very funny happened, so Monday I had my guitar class and my tutor came and taught and he was tuning it and then broke the e sharp string. He replaced it and then tuned the guitar again. The nest day I picked it up to play and it sounded so out. I tried to tune it  but no luck, finally I texted him that this was a guitar emergency and he will have to come to tune it for me. Funny na! well it did seem at that time 🙂

Btw boys playing guitar look so sexy! It adds such an appeal to them, I feel that. But How about girls playing guitar? Is that sexy, or looks sexy?

And ya, I am going to talk to my manager about my promotion tomorrow. The last appraisal I was told it would be in July2010, so I’m hoping that was not a lie.  Excited? Yes, the  salary hike is what I actually am after.

Also, I made a friend at work sometime back, she works from a different location and we talk on the phone a lot, and I do visit her office sometime and then we chat. Let’s call her ‘P’ and she will be introducing me to her boyfriend tomorrow, which I think will be fun and also felt good, cause you know I don’t have any friends and especially the office ones just like to keep it to office only, so ya I felt good about that. ‘P’ also plays guitar and that’s one of the things we bonded over. 🙂

It’s also been ages since I went clubbing and so also been ages since I got my legs waxed. But I will get that done today after work, hopefully that will bring some clubbing scene in picture.

Ohh.. but I miss that time. you know, when we used to go clubbing every weekend. It was so much fun. Mostly things have changed because of the two boys we used to go out with. First is ‘K’, who has gone to London to study and I’m really happy for him and second is Mr. Buttface ‘A’ whom I so hate right now. He still lives here, doesn’t call, doesn’t make plans and had been saying ‘no’ to all my plans for 4 months, so I told him I will not ask him a anymore. I don’t know why he’s become such an uncle. Ass that he is!

Anyways, ya so that’s pretty much everything. And blurry screen is happening little less now, but seriously all I’m planning on how quickly I will sleep in the cab on way back home. 6 more hours to go.. Hmmm…


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