Easier said than done..

Something got this idea in my head and somehow I couldn’t forget it till today, so here it is, the things that we all find so easy to say but are much difficult to actually act on..

When in rejection phase Love yourself – now I’m sure we all love ourselves and that’s one big reason or maybe the only reason that we are selfish, but this is in times where others around you start pointing the wrongness in you. I think more that anything its acceptance that really we crave. Isn’t it. I find it so easy to tell others that the first person they should love madly is themselves and I’ve read it so many places, but here’s the truth, when others stop accepting you, you start to reject yourself too.

You’ll get overt him/her in a day – This one is so not true, but a little comforting yes.  The getting over depends on how much emotional attachment you had with the person and also how soon you find someone new. I once read this article on how ‘you fall into a relationship with the person who pulls you out of the heartbreak from  a previous one’.  We’re just humans and all these feelings, sympathy, care, pity, love, they all get so mixed up.

 Don’t think about it – Ya right!!  If only I could control my brain so effectively. If something is wrong then how come I don’t think about it, that’s the only thing I will think about.

You know it’s not right –  Well, yes. But when you’re sure that all the laws and rules in this world are wrong and only our perspective to be right, it doesn’t help ya.

He’s a jerk, don’t date him – Now see just when ou said ‘don’t’ I heard ‘do’. And besides the high you get from dong something everyone’s saying not to, is good. Secretly is really good high.


Lot more things coming to my mind… but need to get back at work..

You can share your stuff too….


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