You know you’ve been single for way too long..

when these weird thoughts come to your mind..

Okay! I’m just saying what’s all in my stupid head, tell me if any of it has/ is true for you?

Just before we start the term ‘too long’ can be really variable for everyone..

 Am I still a good kisser??

Should I put on the lip gloss (when going to next grocery store), maybe I’ll meet someone nice there. Really?? Logic just leaves you alone.

Oohh.. that waiter looks kinda cute! OMG! did I just say I like the waiter.. what’s wrong with me?

Should I shop for sexy lingerie? Does it make sense, I mean I don’t know when I can put it to its actual use.

Why am I not meeting new people? Am I not on the most popular social networking sites? maybe there is a new place everyone’s been logging on..

My boss is soo cute.. aahhh.. if only he wasn’t married..or maybe what if he is.. Oh god! someone should chain my thoughts.

Should I change my organisation to a more cooler one, in short where you know they have maximum bachelor rate?

Is it going to be weird with someone new? *think for a long time* Will I be able to be comfortable? ..oohh this is scary.

I just joined the new gym.. secretly hoping, there are many cute and eligible guys there.. you see my point.. totally wrong intentions at the wrong places

I have scanned every face in my office & home neighbourhood and really not one person that I like.. isn’t that odd?

Where is my prince charming??  really this long empty time does make you believe in stupid stuff..hehe

hahaha.. it’s all so funny and stupid.. but crap happens..

And if someone is going to say that I haven’t been single for that long.. it has.believe me!



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3 responses to “You know you’ve been single for way too long..

  1. This is too funny.

    I used to think things like this all the time… until I stoped giving a crap. Eventually I realized that I LOVE being single. It has it’s downfalls, sure, but really I love it. And- I can check out who I want, when I want!

    Plus, love never seems to find you when you’re looking!! (Or so they tell me!)

  2. newme

    hey Sarah..

    good to know someone DID relate to this…

    I’ve been checking my comments section ever since I wrote this out & honestly I was on the verge of thinking its just me… hahha

    even i like the freedom from the ‘i-care-for-you-latenight-talks-when-all-i-actually-care-about-is-getting-a-good-night’s-sleep’ and much more. Hey, I’m thinkings of a good idea for a post here…lol!

    Ya I know.. that’s what I keep hearing.. it dosen’t come when you look for it.. well maybe I’ll just start roaming in my pyjamas now..

    P.S: it’s hard not to look though..hehe

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