what’s the plan for me?

As I met up with old friend today, she just got explaining about her recent work achievement and how she got through it. Well, she studied in Arts and museum stuff, and after college she was a little lost, coz her direction in life wasn’t clear. I mean she knew what she wanted to do, but she didn’t know how to go about it, and to study further or not? So, she was spending much time at home and then she went to a fair kina thing with her aunt and her aunt was buying a glass painting for an expensive price and she suggested that she can make that for her aunt also. Then she got sick and was at home resting, and decided to complete the painting. Her mom met this lady who was into exhibitions and all and she suggested that my friend should also take part. That’s when she thought ok. She went ahead and bought all the material but she wasn’t sure of what to make out of it. Then she completed the painting for her aunt and got appreciated for it. She made an entire collection out of it with 16 paintings and then got cleared through the screening for an exhibition that is highly rare and exclusive to embassy and members only. She now has the exhibition on 24th and ofcourse I will be going.

She was telling me that how she now believes that God ha a plan for each of us. As she was not even thinking of anything like this, but everything just happened on its own, she didn’t run around and make everything happen, i mean she did work hard on the painting, but the path was there for her, opened by god, with a string of opportunities and coincidences happening. I am so happy for her.

This all got me thinking, what does God have planned for me? Does he remember me? Has he forgotten that out of millions of people, there is this girl who needs help, who is hard working and dedicated, who wants to make it big, wh has it to make it big, who is lost and confused, who is killing herself in the most uncreative place and beating her wishes inside coz she can’t afford to take that selfish path and leave the responsibilities. Does he even remember me? Has God made a plan for me?  Was it for me to be unhappy? Was the plan this?

What’s the plan for me God? What is it?



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3 responses to “what’s the plan for me?

  1. I assure you, he has a plan for you! Sometimes the big things don’t happen for us when we want them to because even though we think we’re ready, we’re not. Maybe you still have things to do, things to learn before all the good stuff can happen. Maybe you have to appreciate what you have now!

  2. I hav a feeling, you dont seem to be doing good these days.. kuch hua kya?

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