Coming back ..

Wow, I’ve been missing for quite sometime huh!! Well, if anyone noticed then, I was not feeling upto say anything and actually didn’t have much ranting to do either, and if you didn’t notice then its ok. Coz now I’m here (and still thinking of what to say).

How’ve you been doing?? Life treating you good? You treating life well? No hurry! think and reply 🙂

I have been ok, ya just about ok. Work as usual and then there was this crazy confusion in my head happening, again that’s usual ya.

Thought of joining gym again, but my sis took a new phone instead and so that leaves me with my weight and fat rolls. But seriously, I do need t o get out and do something.

Guitar has been going on, was put off for 3 weeks, the wedding, some work, blah blah..and yesterday was the breakthrough again so ya I’m loving it all over, well I never stopped loving it, so whatever!

Sis has started to talk to someone new and she’s pretty excited and all. They used to be in college together, but never spoke then and now on facebook they got talking and all. She also met him once. She’s doing the rounds of talk till late and be all smiley things.. yaa..yaa

Also, this guy that she was talking to for marriage stuff, like they met on some matrimony site, he turned to be a fake. I mean he told that his mom was some professor and when my mom spoke to her on phone, she didn’t even sound educated. Busted! that’s what I have been telling sis from yesterday, coz I never like the sound of that guy and the way he spoke and everything. Hah!!

Apart from that. Can’t think of anything! Oh yes, So in the guitar class yesterday, my tutor was saying something about my job, so I told him that it was ok, easy, but not something I’m passionate about, so he asked me what was my passion and guess my answer ‘ I never got the chance to really explore that, i mean i was interested in different things , but never got to see closely’. And just when I said that, it kind of lifted a weight off from my heart and mind, You know it was like some kind of relief. To explain better, I always feel burdened by this job and then  it feels like such an impose, but there are times when this entire thing gets to me so badly that I think of myself as a freak. Like I’m working and then doubting and hating it all. crazy times! So past couple of days it was like that, but when I had that conversation with my tutor, it became light and a little easy. It calmed my tensed nerves, it relaxed me. maybe the talking helped . I’m better now, and less cranky too. well, you can’t be totally non – cranky ya! there’s a bit in all of us! 🙂

And yes, there was this other thing that happened too (work related only), but I won’t say anything right now, coz I don’t know myself.




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