The Sister Act!

Family is the closest thing we have in our life and we may or may not realize this, but they make us who we are. I realize this so every time I say ‘I’, I see them helping grow and nurture the small ‘i’ to a now capital ‘I’, I see them holding up the ‘I’ that starts stressing and bending down, supporting it and giving it strength to stand straight and survive, I see them peeping from behind my every proud ‘I’.

Amongst this great support wall of family, there is one brick that stands close to you all the time. Sisters, I feel they are the guardian angles sent by God to be by your side and play the different roles that you need in various times of your life. She becomes your mentor when you don’t have anyone to guide you, she plays your confidant when you need to lighten your heart, she becomes a shield when you’re found guilty, she becomes your friend when all others have left.

I have an elder sister and there is not a day that goes by without me feeling a thankfulness for having her in my life. We have been very close since childhood and being brought up in boarding school made us even more closer. She used to always complain that I followed her around, that I fought with her friends, that she had to make up for all my mistakes and rude behavior, but whenever I was alone she would come and quietly sit by my side.

You may not always have the same interests, choices or aims, but what’s amazing is that even with all the differences, she makes you feel like being her. You may fight like crazy cats, but later you will always think what she said was somewhat right. You may feel she steals or breaks all your friendships, but in your heart you know she’s your best friend for your lifetime. There may be jealousy pangs and fight over boys, but when you’re heartbroken, she will help it heal and tell you’re worth much more. There may be times you wish you never had her, but you always miss her when she’s not around. At times of hopelessness and doubts, she becomes your Ray of Hope and assure you to be deserving and getting all you want. No once comes in as handy as a sister, an angel in disguise, God’s way to take care of you and be by your side.

So let’s cherish this beautiful bond and celebrate it everyday and not just one. To all you sister’s, our loving guardian angels from God!


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