Thanking God!

On my way to work today morning, my office cab met with a minor accident. The driver was sleepy and he dozed off while driving and hit the cab into a few divider construction blocks that were kept along the divider (bloody municipality in this country) and then the car screeched for anther 500 meters and then halted.

I work really early hours i.e morning 7 to 4 in the evening, so I usually board the cab by 6:30am and reach office by 7:15, but Delhi has been playing hide and seek with the thick and thin mist this month, and today it was thick mist. However, when we hit the car, on that road it was all clear and I think that’s why the driver took the ease in closing his eyes for a few seconds.

We were only 2 girls sitting in the back seats in the cab and we were sleeping(as usual) and when I heard the cab hit and felt myself been thrown forward to push hardly into the front seat, I didn’t open my eyes, I was scared to death. the first thought that came to my mind was ‘What did we hit?’, instantly my mind was seeing some accident scene kind of blurred thoughts forming images and then I opened my eyes. All this happened within seconds. When I opened my eyes I saw no vehicle in front or back and was relived. We quickly got out of the car and saw the damage done, which was quite a lot, thanked god that nothing more happened and then called the transport to inform about the same. I was scared, really scared! I kept on thanking god that nothing worse happened and there were no vehicles around else the accident could be a major one.

After thanking god a lot of times and feeling little relived, I realized that in the morning when I came to sit in the cab the driver was sleeping in the cab, I woke him up and sat in the cab, he immediately woke up and started driving. I wanted to tell him to freshen up and wake up properly but I didn’t, then we started moving to pick this other girl who lives around 5 minutes from my place and on the way we almost  about to hit a huge crane machine  face to face and the driver took a quick cut and we were safe, at that time also I felt like saying something but I didn’t. We picked her and started moving, now the driver was moving at a speed and seemed to be in good condition, so I slept off, but there was this feeling of something weird, wrong is to happen. It was an intuition that I felt of something going wrong and yes even the thought of the car hitting something came to my mind, but I ignored it and said to myself that ‘the driver will have to be alert now and take care’ (I so clearly remember this thought) and within 10-15 minutes we had hit an accident. I ignored my gutt feeling, I ignored my intuition and it was right, even f I had said something the driver or the other girl would be more cautious. Oh god!

Lesson learnt:  ALWAYS TRUST YOUR GUTT FEELING. It’s mostly true (and not only talking about this time)

I can’t seem to thank god  that no one was hurt and we are all safe. It also immediately made me think of how worse things could have got and what impact it would have, how my family would get affected. Thank you god for being with me and keeping me safe!

Strange as it sounds, even a small jerk can make you aware of how lucky ou are to be normal and safe. I may be thinking too much but it seems like this was a way og God to answer my prayer and tell me that the only thing missing (as in my last post) is ‘my appreciation towards everything I have in life and also towards my life’.

Thank you god!


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