A new phase: The Wedding Part 2

So, my friend ‘B’ got married yesterday. She moved on to a new phase of life, leaving her singledom and moving to a family and a spouse with promises of being together for good or worse. It was great. Lovely! I wish her all the love and luck in life.

The events started with the mehndi (as explained earlier) and there were songs and dance and so much fun. We were up till 1 am and then curled into the quilts on mattresses that were laid on the living room floor (this is usually how 20-30 guests are accomodated into a 4 people space), then we kept chatting for like 2 hours and then we were hungry, so we ate a midnight snack and some more chatting and then slept for some 5 hours to wake up and start again. Btw by we, I mean me, ‘B’ (the bride) and ‘A'(the friend who was to come over to my place).

A little history here. ‘B’ and ‘A’ have been friends since 2nd year of college. ‘A’ and I have been friends since 1st year of college, although I never feel her being my best friend or anything and she would always take money and help from me and then not return anything. I’ve never found her friendship to be honest and full, maybe I wasn’t honest and full friend too. Anyways, we managed to be friends because ‘S’ was with us both and she was more close to ‘A’ and me to ‘S’. Then in 3rd year me and ‘S’ split due to her boyfriend and him agitating our differences and then I moved into a place with me, ‘A’ and one more girl. We became friends then, but still not so much. Then in final year I was living alone and she wanted a sharing space, so she moved in and then also we were not so close, coz she’s so interfering and opinionated and hypocrite. Anyways, so ‘B’ would come to our place and then we would all go to college together, hitchhiking or her car and lot of times we wouldn’t go at all. ‘B’ would come and slip into the quilt and sleep and then we would wake up, go for tea and breakfast, then come back and get ready, then go roaming around, and she would leave for her place in the evening. This was our routine for almost 1 year. Then it seemed like nothing, but now seems like so much fun.

Now coming back to the wedding.  We went for the mehndi and ‘A’ was adamant that we will not stay at ‘B’s place, because she was not well and she was saying she will be uncomfortable there with so many family people around. Finally we could not go back to my place coz ‘B’ didn’t let us and also there was no one to drop us. So we stayed at her place and then went back home the next afternoon. The next day was her engagement and we(me and A) went to the parlor and got our hair straightened and came back home and got dressed and got very late. We were almost 2 hours late and thank god the event was just 5 min from my place. We reached and saw the event, my mom and sis also came. It was fun Her ring was beautiful, so many big diamonds. Great! 🙂 The we went back home at around 1am and dozed off. We were to reach her place the next day early morning for the ‘chooda ceramony’, where the girl is given sets of red bangles from her uncle (mom’s brother) and she has to wear them for minimum next 40 days after her marriage, girls wear it till 1 year also. But we were sleeping and all so we missed that and woke up late and then packed our stuff and reached her place around 4pm. We all left for the hotel where she was to be wed. The next 5 hours was her make-up and hair and all and she looked gorgeous and we also got ready. I wore a lehnga and looked good and different, coz all others were clad in sarees. 🙂 The next was her garlands ceremony and then all the party continued. We left for her home around 3am and reached home and chit-chatted for another hour and dozed off. We woke up after another 5 hours and started getting ready for the last wedding ceremony. This was to take place in the temple and we wore slawars uits. The ceremony started and her parents started crying and she was also crying and we cried a little too. Then we cam back to her home for the ‘bidai ceremony’, where the girl is finally sent away to her husband and in-laws, so she finally leaves her home. This is very emotional and sad. B was crying a lot and her parents also, we cried a lot too and then she left. We left her place after another hour or so and then back home. A left to her place directly. I came home and my award from office that is my microwave was home . 🙂 I cooked maggie in it and ate it. yumm!

Then office today. Little boring and even though I hae work with today’s deadline I’m not feeling like doing it. Thank god tomorrow is holiday – our Republic Day. Will be home and go shopping. hopefully.

Got my guitar class today, but will cancel it, I have touched my guitar since last week.

The day after tomorrow I will start with gym. sure.

yesterday at home I was taking to this friend from college, he knows B and A also. I was telling him that it seems like everyone is moving and I am still here. Like my life is stuck here in this web and nothing’s happening. I don’t want to get married or anything, but I want to move to a better phase in life.

Howmuch ever i ignore my inner voice, but its in my blood that this isn’t the thing for me. I need to be somewhere else.  God help me! tell me how! show me a way. please! please! listen to me! please!


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