The Wedding: Part 1

My weekend was a total blast and I has such a good time. As I had told you’al I was tobe attending my friend’s (twin) sister’s wedding this weekend and so I did. Details? Sure… ūüôā

So the entire schedule was starting with mehndi, which we did not attend, as it’s mostly close relative or friend’s and we’re not so close to my friend’s sister. For those who don’t know what’mehndi¬†function’ is, this is a custom where the bride’s palms and feet are decorated¬†with a temporary coloring material, it’s called¬†menhdi. This is like a very traditional design patterns are drawn¬†and then it is left to dry out, which makes the color become dark. There’ this saying that the darker the color comes out, the more your husband will love you. There is also another very good custom that within the design pattern the groom’s name is also drawn and hidden in broken pieces, so its like a game the couple can play at the wedding night, to find his name on her palms. Actually, its more¬†of a teasing game¬†as the bride can keep him waiting till he finds the name. ūüôā Fun na! This is usually a ladies event, the bride and other women¬†also get mehndi¬†and the women are signing traditional songs with dholak¬†, but nowadays¬†the men also enjoy it as much and join in, although they don’t get mehndi done. ūüôā

The second event was the engagement¬†ceremony, which we again did not attend. But I got to see the rock on the brides finger and oh my god! its beautiful. It was like a band covered with small diamonds and a big solitaire¬†in the middle. Amazing!! I mean if you have gifts like this who wouldn’t love to get married. ūüôā Or it atleast¬†blurs out the aftereffects of a marriage for sometime. lol!

The third event was the ‘Baraat’. Finally we did attend. This is ceremony where the groom and his family arrive to take away the bride. The groom is on horseback, female horse only, don’t know why though, and there is a moving music band before it and the entire groom’s family dances like crazy to the music. They¬†enter this way from the hotel enterance¬†to the¬†¬†hall enterance. Then they are welcomed by the¬†bride’s family with flower garlands and some money/gifts for the grooms family. Before the groom enters there is another custom, that the tobe sister-in-laws will stop the groom from entering. He has to give her whatever she asks for, money/gift whatever, so in a way he has to bribe the sister-in-laws to¬†meet his bride. Fun thing, especially when you’re friends of the sister-in-law. We asked for 5lakh¬†and got five thousand only. Then he enters, the bride comes to him, dressed in traditional¬†wear, they both sit on a stage and all the guests¬†keep coming to bless the to-be-couple and get their pictures clicked. There’s also drinks and dinner¬†for all. So it’s all¬†a good party, except for the couple, coz they don’t move around and have to sit there on the stage¬†and get all the blessing. But its fu for them also, they keep chit chatting in whispers and stealing loving glances at each other. Awwww! We were supposed to leave for home in the morning but my friend didn’t let us, so we attended two functions¬†(celebration events) in the same dress, which was a peach colored saree and¬†I was looking good but plump.

Then the groom does not take the bride but instead she returns home, because they are not married yet. The next morning is the marriage¬†in real terms.¬†Both families reach the gurudwara¬†(a temple) and¬†here the ceremony¬†of binding them together¬†in the matrimony in¬†god’s presence is done. It’s all¬†very emotional and even though I am not so close to the bride,¬†I cried 2 times. It’s all¬†a matter of letting go. The bride also cried a lot. After they were announced married,¬†we headed¬†back to the¬†bride’s place, because in real¬†terms that is where she needs to leave¬†forever.¬†The groom¬†is also there and all the guests as well. We had to run around to make sure¬†everyone is getting attended to¬†and then the bride leaving the house ceremony began. Her parent’s and family were all crying and¬†we cried too. She finally left and we came back inside.¬†

Then I¬†realized that it was Sunday already and next day was office. I left for home and then again my friend and her fiance pulled me along for their meeting, coz they weren’t allowed to meet alone. ūüôā

Over all, very good time. All this will be reapeated¬†over this week again, for my friend’s wedding, and I am still to buy a saree to wear. Maybe will go today after work.



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2 responses to “The Wedding: Part 1

  1. Felt like I was reading the piece from chetan bhagat’s 2 state, where they attend krish’s cousin’s punjabi marriage in delhi..
    anyways, good to see u back..

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