Here again..

I’ve been keeping away from my free-mind-space for a while now, and it’s not like I’ve been intending it to be this way, just so happened that nothing much has being going on that I could put words up for, or let’s say that nothing I found worthy has happened. And yet, I will take you through a sneak-peak to the worthless last few weeks (in no particular order).

So our CEO was to arrive and there was a small event put up for this welcome. I decided to participate and was taken up in the dance group. (I just stopped here and went back to check if I had already said this before, and yes I had. So thank god I’m not repeating stuff!). So the entire week we had the practices at this studio of the choreographer who was asked to help us out,but I think her studio ws the most helpful rather than her dance. 🙂  Anyhow, I knew only one person from the group of 12 people. So, it was bit awkward int he beginning, but soon we all got lot of dance and fun done. I used to reach office , work for 2 hours (actually 30 min, 1 and half hours to settle in, read mails) and then head for the dance session and then come back after 3 hours, then work for 3-4 hours and leave for home. Also, I was visiting the other office, not where I work from, so it was a good change. Some fun. We had the performance on Jan5 and ours was by far the best dance. 🙂 The next day was work, which was so bugging. The next few days I spent sharing videos and pics with whatsoever people I know. So okay.

Now comes the weekend. Saturday was a sick day with a sick me. I slept past noon and when I woke up I had this stomach ache. Really pinching type, like someone’s pricking you with needles on the inside of my fat rolls (yes they are there now). Hell! I think it was something like gastric or something, and I didn’t have it in me to go to the doctor, so I took the whatever home remedy mom gave and slip back into the quilt. Btw, my god its been cold here, deadly. I woke up again when it was dark and then stuck to my guitar and kept myself happy with the strumming. These stomach ache things have been happening on noticeable frequency and mostly weekends. Crap! I’ve not even crossed 25. hmmph! But I think it’s because of my spoilt eating habits. I hardly eat good food anymore. Breakfast is a good mayonnaise sandwich and lunch is again crappy food from the cafeteria, evening I reach home with a feeling that I need something to feel better and then its some munching with some junk food and even if I’m full, I take dinner. ?? It’s like my health sense has died or hibernates.

Sunday, has plans to meet a friend, but he lives a little far, so I asked him if he could drop me and sis home after we I asked if he could drop me and sis after we meet and he goes like ‘ahhh.. let me see’. Seriously! what’s with boys these days? I mean if you become little sweet without any of your selfish interest would it KILL YOU? I’m sick of such selfish people. I mean if I had a car and could come and go then I would, but I don’t so I’m asking you, so have some curtsy, even if you have no interest in me and we’re only friends, wold it kill if you could be helpful. I could slap someone right now (only guys).

Anyways, so he was like ‘aah.. let me call you back’. Then he messaged that ‘Can’t make it, something imp has come up’. OK. GO TO HELL! So spent sunday also at home, oiled my hair, slept off.

Guys don’t pay attention/curtsy if you’re only friends and there is no scope/interest of anything else happening. Have you seen guys behaving like this? or is it only with me.

Monday, I woke up with some stomach ache type thing. Weird. I was in no mood to go to office and I knew there wasn’t anything important either, so I took an unplanned leave. And the stomach ache kept starting up and go down. Played the guitar, watched TV. Nothing else. In the evening just before my Guitar class, my manager calls and tells me to get online and get this problem resolved with the business  and the first time I faced the side effect of carrying office laptop. I got the work done while learning guitar and hated that. So divided attention and all. But learnt a new song from the now very hit movie ‘ Give me some sunshine, give me some rain, give me another chance I wana grow up once again’. Really good movie and nice song. I’m still not fluent on it, so practicing.

Came back to work on Tuesday and back to my old office space. Few more videos and pictures sharing. Boring, boring! was ringing in my head and I decided to go to the other place on Thursday (that was yesterday). 

Yesterday, I went there and this guy from the dance group kept bugging me as when I’ll meet him. I kept avoiding.

I had called ‘A’ as his office was just behind my building, and had told him to make some plan, which he was not so excited about. Well, what can I say, he’s grown up, atleast that’s the excuse he uses. It’s so sad, we used tobe good friends once, we still are, but now he’s moved to a more serious type of person and more mature, he doesn’t enjoy clubbing and he doesn’t make effort to meet. It’s sad. But beyond that I can’t do anything. Even yesterday it was so sad, so changed. He wasn’t like my friend. Maybe its in my head, but I’ve lost the person who would understand what I said and share them. I miss him. 😦 He finds my talks kiddish and not mature. I agree, but we were able to talk about so much earlier and now we drove 40 minutes without talking anything significant (to either of us). Hmpp! Also, another thought came to my mind while we were driving, that what if last when all that happened between us would have actually taken a meaning? How would it be if we were together? Was it even possible? and then I knew the answer, NO it wasn’t possible, 🙂 But somehow being back with him felt little good also (apart from the sadness), him driving, me talking and irritating him. Reminded me of so much. Good Ol’ days!!

We drove around and then picked up sis and then went to a good open cafe and froze up and had hot coffee and ate and then some delicious desert. We moved and then sis wanted to booze so we picked up some white rum for the car and drank while driving slowly around lonely roads. Please don’t complain, it was all safe and all. Reached home around 11pm and then was awake until A reached his place and then slept off.

Today, woke up early and in office. I don’t feel like working at all and have been doing other things since morning, except work. 🙂 Feeling exhausted, don’t know why though. Thank god its weekend tomorrow.

Weekend plans are also something in vision. My college friend’s twin sisters wedding tomorrow, so will be going there, haven’t even picked out what to wear. Then next weekend is her wedding, so need to buy a saree for that event and also but a gift for her, this weekend. So ya, I think I’ll be busy. And yes, another college friend will be coming over to stay at  my place, this weekend and next weekend also, coz she lives far away and my place is much closer to the event and all. I don’t really like her too much, but its ok.



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