Two States. The story of my marraige by Chetan Bhagat

I bought this book yesterday from the street kids that you’ll find on every other signals in Delhi. Yes it’s sad, whenever I see these kids, all I want to do is start a movement there, all kids will attend school, no exceptions in this country. But it’s not so simple, but I can’t see why that’s so difficult either? F***. It’s the worse to feel hopeless, and even worse when yuo fear you will get lost on the way if you start out. I can promises to myself like I have in the past, but this will not make a change today. I hope someday there is a change that I can contribute and then talk about it.

Sorry, totally got off the track.

So, the book is lovely! The plot is great, the story telling is great and it pulls you into it and makes you miss it when it ends, like I am feeling right now.

It’s about this couple who are from different communities and want to get married. But they decide that to elope away is not their way and they will get their parents to agree. It’s funny and real. I suggest a must read. You also learn a few things about the two different cultures. 

I just love this writer. He has this ‘one among you’ feeling to his words. I love his simple, no big dictionary words, humor filled stories. He also seems so down to earth, dunno if in real. Btw his family stays in the same colony that I am living in right now. 🙂

I started reading after dinner and was awake till 3am and then completed the last bit today while travelling.



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4 responses to “Two States. The story of my marraige by Chetan Bhagat

  1. I’ve been waitin so much to read this book, bt am nt able to get a hold of it yet.. No time to go to a book store actually. Been busy in the process of a job change.
    And come one!! Therz no break for words… I wanna see your presence here..
    As I sed, I’ve got addicted!!! Its like u wanna smoke desperately bt u dont hav a cigar.. tht bad.. 🙂
    take care nidhi..

  2. I’m finished reading the book, but see you.. still no article…

  3. Waise, I totally forgot..
    Happy New Year..!!

    Best of the wishes,

  4. newme

    Happy New Year to u too!!

    Have a fab year and achieve all u want.. or even better Win the Lottery!!! 😉


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