Let’s start afresh, 2010 New Year Resolutions

Hmm… Now this requires some thought, lots actually. I’ll try to be specific, practical and keep the list real and measurable, so by the end of the year I know where I have reached.

1. Complete my book. Gotta do this. Really have to.

2. Join an NGO – start any form of voluntary work.

3. Loose all the flab and get in shape – for good and stay that way forever. (PS: starting from Jan 1st week)

4. Become a pro guitarist (btw I got a couple of songs in my kitty already, next post will explain)

5. Buy a car. I don’t care how I do it, I need that.

6. Move to NEW YORK, or atleast start seeing some real hope on it.

7. Earn double my current salary.

8. SAVINGS!! can’t emphasize enough on this. THIS IS A MUST.

9.  Stay in the game. I’m guessing the more people I meet the more clear I’ll get in my head as to ‘WHAT I WANT’.

10. Listen to that INNER VOICE. Trust my INTUTION and gut feeling. I can’t count the no. of times I’ve heard myself saying, ‘oh this did come to my mind but I didn’t trust my gut then’

11. I need control that ‘IMPULSIVE – say whatever comes to your mind instantly’ nerve. Actually, looking at last year, I have done it little, but some more control these.

12. Love myself more. Be good and love myself for it. (I’m so critical about myself, I am)

13. Swimming lessons – be a pro. This year its going to be freestyle & underwater. (right now I only know breast stroke 🙂 )

14. Jazz – Need to start classes again. I don’t mind going for Salsa either. Anyways i should be dancing.

15. Wardrobe – please need to get stuff and this is very much dependent on point # 7 and #8.

16. Get a PROMOTION!!! I think this should be done by mid-year i.e if I believe my ex-manager’s words.

17. Get ‘OK’ with what I do for a living. Ya, this is a major thing.

18. BE WHERE YOU ARE. Not in office and writing blogs or thinking guitar, not at home and having nightmares about work.

19. Finances – take control. Manage.

20. Life – manage.

21. overall – improve management skills.

22. Get extremely particular on TIME and make this a habit and not extra effort. Always on time for everything.

23. Get slim girl and stay that way. No more loosing and gaining and loosing ..and on so on stuff.

24. Think family and think self – need to manage these two efficiently.  My scales are usually too much on either side and that leaves any one part being ignored.


Not too measurable ones there.. but that’s my list for now.

What’s on your list?



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4 responses to “Let’s start afresh, 2010 New Year Resolutions

  1. Holy smokes! That’s a lot of goals- do you think you can do all that in one year?

    I really like #18. I always blog at work and I’m okay with that because I’m a good multi-tasker and it keeps me fresh and motivated, but I’ve got to start leaving work at work and putting more focus on where I am.

    I’ve got my post written but I’m saving it for closer to the new year 🙂

  2. newme

    I knw dat’s a BIG list.. 🙂

    U gotta dream big…dats the first step..

    12 months, 48 weeks, 326 days..hmm. we’ll see..lets try. 🙂

    Wud b waiting 4 ur list..:)

  3. Fr me it seems not so big.. Most of them repeat frm ur past years resolution.. Plus fr a few you’re already on ur way.. a few repeat like #3 n 23, n the ones relatd with managin life n work..
    I think you can liveup to them this time… excpt for tht ngo resolution.. it wud need lots of dedication.
    and postponin the date to jan1st week to hit the gym kinda seems lethargic.. 😉
    Am not realyl into making resolutions.. Bt then best of luck for you both.. nice going girls..!!
    Waitig for the intrigue’s list..

  4. Truthful words, some true words man. Made my day!!

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