Open Question for my beloved readers

Firstly, thanks for visiting!

And now that you are here I will ask you something, a favor, a little help, a bite of confidence, a spoon of moral boost. Please!! *with wet- eyes-puppy expression*

Is there anything on my blogspace that you feel that deserves to be on magazine page? Something you would pay to read?

This might take some of your precious time, but if you can please.





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3 responses to “Open Question for my beloved readers

  1. The first thing i cud think of is,
    tht dating do’s n dont’s for both guys n girls… tht cud definitely go on a mag.. I gnrlly find such stuff on Times of India ‘Lifestyle’ colum.. jst to categorize..
    othr articles are more dependent on the ones above/below thm(they feel incomplete)..
    I hv some thots.. bt first I wanna go thru ur blog once more..
    abhi lunch time.. am so hungry, dint hav my dinner ystday coz of those mood swings.. plus, I dont take my breakfast either..

  2. That depends where you’re planning on posting them. Because I’m from a different country, sometimes I find the language or punctuation a little mixed up, but that is not your fault! I agree with Zubair… you could do a summary of some of the things that dating has taught you- but you would have to make it unique because that has been done before 🙂 Regardless, I love reading your blog!!

  3. newme

    tnx!! I am not even near publishing anythign yet.. however just wanted to know its worth thinking about. 🙂

    tnx for the support!!

    Love you’al!!


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