Just to say I’m still alive..

Its been a while since I’ve been here. actually, I would visit everyday, open the blog stats, visit my regular reads and then close it out. Work, mindlessness(don’t know if that’s even a word), words stuck in my throat, speaking with muted voice.. something similar was happening. 

So howz life going on? Having fun yet ?? No, I’m not mocking.. seriously.. I’m just asking..lol!

I’ve been busy with work and although there isn’t much work, most of the time I’m thinking about how to start my new role, what all strategy should I work on, how should I manage it all, arrange work, sort it all. Something that I’ve not done, yet need to mould into. It’s exciting, confusing, little nervous. I know I’ll take it all up and be super good at it but then only thing is there is no one to guide me, so I need to be cautious, extra cautious. 🙂 I sound nervous right,.. I am. 🙂

Btw I won that award I was talking about. 🙂 So its a brand new Microwave for mom (I get to buy it from the catalogue with the points I scored). Yay!!

Apart from that, Mr USA return was wanting to go out for the weekend, so he messaged me and then I replied that we can go for movie like on the weekend. Then we spoke a few days after and I was like who all are coming, he said I don’t know if you’re coming alone then I’ll come alone too , else I’ll get a friend, I was like we’ll get bored just the two of us. So finally Friday evening it was me, him and my sis. We went for ‘New Moon’ which was so good, except I missed Edward, And rest it was good jolly company. Since sis is a pretty fun person and the guy was all not al all snob but rather easy-going with any company, so it was fun. He didn’t hit on me or anything which was good actually.

Good time.

Haven’t stepped out of home entire weekend, have been glued to the guitar and now I got 3 songs in my kitty (all broken and not fluent) but will practice.

I’ve got-Lucky ali- kya aisa hi hota hai pyaar (almost perfect)

Greenday – time of you life (1 week more and then perfect)

Pearl jam – last kiss (this needs work, C-Chord ..kills my fingers)

So with bruised fingertips (left hand) I’m typing all this, sitting in my pyjama and smelly buffed up pullover. Btw Delhi has gone cold, I can’t imagine no socks.

Just oiled my hair, and will change and go to buy a cheap mobile after i get some tea (mom.. pleasee. I’m begging her and she’s snuck in the blankets ready to take her naps, which she calls jhapki, which is no close to quick 🙂 ). We had 4 mobiles, and only 1 is left working and me and sis keep switching our simcards and its been bloody irritating.

Wat a life.. music,, back to  guitar…some more bruises might make me feel of some worth. 🙂 I’m behaving like a loser I know.. 🙂

Btw New Year is here, you guys got plans???  I really want to go somewhere.. please take me with you. see such a loser state… lol!!



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4 responses to “Just to say I’m still alive..

  1. Hey..
    I wanna talk to u..
    can we? like on an online chat or sumthing??
    u hav my email id..

  2. newme

    Hey Zubi…

    Long time..:) Ya sure we can talk.. but sumhow I’m not able to add people to my gmail list…

    cn u give ur yahoo id..

    Btw.. anythn u particularly wana tak abt?? u seem troubled.. mayb i can help.. r try atleast.. so ya..sure

    C ya!!

    • I ws a lil not feelin so ok ystrday, iseeliye, while readin ur blog, wrote so!!.. bt am all good now… no worries…
      its become a routine, readin ur blog daily.. its no long time fr me. jst tht , I sumtimes dont find time to commnt aftr I read n I forgt abt it later. bt I make sure to read the blog all time, how busy I might be…
      waise, neo_zubair@yahoo.com, my id.. jispe, I hardly come online.. dekhta hoon..

  3. newme

    Zubs – Ohh! ‘not feeling good’ is Not Good. I wish we could’ve talked. I know how it is wen u just want to talk it away, makes you feel better actually, sharing stuff.
    And like many other feeling-things i keep talking about, haven’t found the scientific reason for it yet, actually I don’t want to find it, I like the whole ‘feeling’ thing, it (again) makes me feel human and I love this feeling of ‘feeling huiman’, don’t know why its so assuring to me, as if I am not one (human).

    Okay, its all getting crazy here… I’ll leave now.

    cheers! n cheer up!
    will talk soon 🙂

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