Where did my weekend go??

Okay, so the bucket list was not even taken a second glance at and the weekend went away in much of a rush, but all fun.

Saturday –

My office pal ‘R’, who stays close by my place and we share the office cab everyday, she came to my place early in the morning, like 11:30am-12:00pm something and that was so early, considering I slept at 3 am (reme’br d last post). She had come with her mom and my mom and her mom got talking and we were chit-chatting, then we ordered food and all had lunch. All wrapped up till 4pm. She had plans to meet some old friend of hers, who was getting along a friend who was visiting from USA, so she asked me and I was like lets see. Then I asked ‘A’ if his office party would be any good or not, else I would accompany ‘R’ (being a little selfish here) and finally I decided I definitely need to meet some new people. So we got ready and all then met up again, left for market place where we were to meet them. While we were waiting for R’s friend to come, there was this guy standing there and looking at me. He lind of was staring like admiring type, but I didn’t pay much heed coz obviously stranger. After a few minutes, R’s friend turns up with this girl (who was supposedly his cousin’s friend) and then the staring guy comes up to join, and he’s the ‘Mr. US return’ (quite a long name I know. can’t think of anythn else). Anyways, he was Ok. he was fair, about 5’7.5″, average features, average dressing, shoes were bad,, some woodland type and yes,  he’s also on the way to a shiny bright bald crown. But still he seemed ok. Then we went roaming around to this local flea market and I was upset by the choice of place, but then it was like friends meeting up, so I didn’t say much.  Then I suggested we go for drinks and then we had to walk a hell lot. Btw did I mention I was looking very nice. 🙂 I just took bath and washed & had blow dry my hair (they look the best dat way) and then I was wearing blue slim fit jeans (but not sticky can’t breathe in type) that ended at just below my ankle and showed off my newest gladiator heels, that I had bought sometime back, then a black woollen buttoned top that has puffed and rouched(how do u spell it) quarter sleeves,  over this I wore a nice bright but not shocking Blue coat. Yes, blue! and I can carry it very well. Some simple make up and I felt like gossip girl, ready to step onto Manhattan streets. 🙂   back to hell of walking around and then finally coming to a place where we sat at a lounge and had couple of drinks. The guys were quarrelling over who’s taking the cheques in funny way, which was very annoying but we totally ignored as we didn’t care much as long as they’re not looking at our faces for it. I even suggested to ‘mr. USA return’ that let me know the pool in amount and he’s like ‘No, I’ll take care of it’. One point there. 🙂 Now this guy works in the same field as mine and was back home after 3 years and his parents had all girls lined up for him to see and fix up his marriage. lol! he met someone before he came with us and he was telling how it was. Funny! I was taking to him and in between hush  shush we got , R told me that he really like me and that he would want to consider me for marriage. hahaha. can u believe it!! marriage! one time meet. Anyways, what he probably meant was that if I was looking or something and if I was interested then probably we could take that way and see if it works, but I you know na.. marriage is soo not on my cards and even otherwise i don’t think so. I deserve better. He was okay though. Now I won’t talk about R’s friend and his friend coz they were super boring and R’s friend still was a little funny, but his friend was such a mood spoiler and she was in some complex or something, staring at me and ‘Mr. USA return’/ lol! So then we had dinner and then R was on the cell and me and him were talking most of the time and then R’s friend went to drop the gal home and me and  him were again chatting and it was good. He was not very interesting but yes ok. He did mention he’s going sky diving when he return so ‘1 point’ there.

Then I suggested we go to a club, coz out on Saturday and going home after dinner seemed little unfinished and boring. We went to an ok place coz we were not dressed for clubbing and then we danced and stuff. After some time of dancing this ‘Mr. USA return’ started getting close and all, I mean he tried to and I backed away. What is wrong with boys?? I mean here I was thinking he’s a decent guy and then he behaves like an ass. Anyways I lost any respect for him and then he was also little off type. We danced for some more time and left. Btw spotted such a cute guy there, so wanted to talk to him, but just didn’t happen.

We reached home at 3am and then chatted a while and dozed off. R told me that the guy was very interested in me. 🙂  Wat? you like to hear these things. But he’s not the one for me, so maybe we’ll be good friends, which guys don’t understand, but whatever.

Sunday –

My ol pal ‘Bh’ came home. We’ve been friends since my first job and I am her first fren in Delhi as she doesn’t belong here. She’s married and doesn’t look it at all. She so slim and I am ashamed now. Anyways we met and then went shopping with sis and then came back home, her hubby came to pick her but we insisted she stay and then chatted till 4 am. You won’t believe, but the moment we met till the time we slept we were rolling on our stomachs all the time. God! our jaws were aching man.

I had decided to go to office late and so we were up for so long. Went late to office and then came back early and worked from home and then the guitar lesson. Btw almost one song ready. 🙂 should be able to play atleast 1 song properly in next two weeks practice. 🙂 yay!!

Will be going to office late again tomorrow as one of my colleagues marriage thing is there, so will go there after office.That’s why I’m up so late again. 🙂

P.S: ‘Mr.USA return’ jus found me on fb. I accepted and sis saw his pics and is all like ‘he’s soo good. are you an idiot?’ But I mean he’s here for marriage! I’ll meet him, but only as friends and probably will enjoy all the attention. 🙂


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