latest repeats on my i-pod list

I keep on repeating the songs that are my recent favs.. so here’s the updated list:

Wonderwall by Oasis- my guitar tutor plays this so well. He introduced me to this song.

You by Switchfoot – again guitar tutor reason

How to Save a life by The Fray – I heard this long time back as soundtrack of Grey’s Anatomy I think, but recently downloaded it. The lyrics are so real for break up type thing, not that I’m in that thing, but you know sometimes the reality being portrayed so honestly becomes its charm. That’s in this song.

Heartshaped Box by Evanescene (acoustic) – the lyrics don’t make much sense to me, yet I like the voice so much.

Stop Crying your heart out by Oasis – this is also a soundtrack of movie ‘Made of Honor’ which I totally love. 🙂

Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson – I love her voice. The roughness.

New York by Jay Z ft Alica Keys – ‘These lights will inspire you, the streets will make you feel brand new’ – if you know something about me. then you’d know,  I’m obsessed with ‘New York’.

Better in Time by Leona Lewis – I love her voice & style of singing and also the moving on message in the song.

Tree Hugger by Kimya Dawson and Antsy pants – It’s like my state of mind. The lyrics are ‘The flower wished it was a tree, the tree wished it was a different kind of tree. The turtle wish it could fly, really high into the sky and dive into the sea. In the sea there is a fish, the fish that has a secret wish, a wish to be a big cactus with a flower on it’. Got it? It’s about wishing to be at a different place and a different person. It’s also a soundtrack from movie ‘Juno’ , which I liked, but not loved, but like the teenage girls honest performance.

Btw I typed all this yesterday night at around 3 am and when I clicked Publish some weird admin error message came up and then the window closed, but I was too tired to go and check it all again. Thankfully, it was saved as draft today except the tree hugger song.

Autosave draft hurrah!! 🙂

I’m going out with a fren today, not ‘A’, someother group, more about it wen I’m back.


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