Today & weekend bucket list!

God! finally a weekend. I feel exhausted, even though I took a mid day off. ?You just feel somethings without reasons, r maybe there are reasons but too complex/simple to see.

Today was a good day! A lot of anxiety and some good words in the end. So, Good. I had the yearly feedback meeting set up for today ans my manager was at my office for all that (she..ya she usually goes to another location that is closer to her place). She had scheduled it for he last hour of my working hour, so the anxiety was building up for the entire day and then there was this ‘what its going to be?’ thing. I had been hearing some news around for my promotion talks and since the position of my senior is now empty and I have been pretty much doing much of it by myself. This was always some rumour type and some hype by my only friend type in ofc ‘D’. She kept telling that it’s on the way and I kept telling her not to raise my expectations coz then if it didn’t turn out then I wouldn’t feel good or motivated at all, but she kept saying and then there did come a thought that maybe. blah! *making weird faces now* Anyways, my manager came to my seat earlier in the day and told me that there are a few things but not to keep much expectations from the meeting. I was like ok. In the past few weeks, she had mentioned to me in a few conversations about putting my name for some award, but she didn’t specify which one. So today in the meeting (which started 15 min before my leaving time) we started with my opinion on the entire year progress and then she came to providing feedback on other items. There were good things and then some improvement areas that I was aware of and few that were not clear to me, I heard patiently and tried to capture much in my head, I talked my part on stuff but the conversation was left in between as I had to leave for the day and then I told her that we need to connect again on this. She told me that she had nominated my name for the highest rated award of the organisation and was hoping it would get through and also that she did nominate earlier in the year for other smaller awards but they did not get through. So YAY! 🙂 i’ll get this one I’m sure. 🙂 Also no promotion for now, maybe in the next cycle i.e June. Hmm. Ever since I came from the meeting my mind is buzzing how to polish myself for the next role that I am stepping in (without official promotion) and what all I need to work on effectively and immediately. I won’t say boring stuff here, but no blogging in office for sure. It distracts me, it pulls me to the better world of words and expressions. It takes my time and then I do everything else at work, but obviously in smaller span of time. So what I’m saying is ‘Be where you are’ has to be done asap.

Weekend Bucket list:

I was thinking it’s going to be a not-step-out-of-home-weekend but then just spoke to ‘A’ and he has this office party tomorrow so he asked if I would join him and I said I don’t know, but don’t want to miss meeting someone interesting, although he’s into IT too, so all geeky crowd 😦 but you never know.I don’t want to miss a chance and besides its been ages since I went for a party and booz. Btw ‘A’ is my long time fren whom I had a fight with 2 weeks back coz he was not making time to meet and was acting like an old man for the past 3 months now. C’mon, we’re close friends. I call him my best friend in boys. Yes! there is a difference in boys and girls friends, for some weird people like me.  

back to the list.

1. Start the book. Actually I was thinking mor like dedicating this weekend to the book, but now I’m being realistic and saying something serious and dedicated must be started. pull previous notes, decide the plot, characters, narration.. anything but something serious.

2. Guitar practice

3. Organise my stuff.

4. Get the pencil and paper out, some sketching might do some good to my creative soul. I’m sure.*Optional

Enough for 2 days right.

And yes… RELAX!!! 🙂


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