Looking back at the year start

so here’s the resolution listed that I has posted early this year. lets see what all I got done.

1. Personal – learn something new, music/dance/sport – YES.. jazz, now guitar…

2. Social Work – start voluntary work for NGO – none.. a little try at the begining.. but then nothing

3. Social Work – fund an orphan’s eduction – nopes 😦

4. Career – get 30% hike in salary – Can’t say yet. got the feedback tomorow. I’m hoping this will be done. 🙂

5. Personal – take care of health – did for the first half of the year, lost weight and when i came so close to being called slim, i gave it up.. jerk. and now I’m back to me..so NO i think

6. Family – manage funds well  – NO.. nothing near it

7. Personal – Improve habits, be more warm and less bitter – maybe a little..not much.

8. Personal – learn to be more diplomatic i.e learn to keep my opinions to myself and be less judgemental. – yes-no.. okay,.

9. Career – Get appreciated for the good work – YES YES.. this is definitely true for the past couple of months…

Aww.. this dosen’t seem good na. I’ve only done the selfish stuff.


Another list, this is more like Things to do before I’m 25

1. Travel alone (another state or country) – NO

2. Get a tattoo – NO, I’m planning before New year or maybe after d heavy checque..lol

3. Start something new( music/dance/art) – YES

4. Go trekking – No, but went Rafting..counts ? YES

5. Complete a book – started, not completed and am not doing anythin so NO

6. Sponcer an orphan child’s education – NO 😦

7. Start voluntary work for NGo/Street children – NO

8. Adapt a healthy lifestyle for good – NO

9. Organise family affairs – NO

10. be more Accepting – little. NO

11. Forgive people and forget unwanted baggage – NO. YES. Dun knw

12. Love myself more – NOt really.

13. Be more warm person – No. Not enough to say YES

14. keep the learning ‘new stuff’ going on. – YES, else I would get crazy


Lot of NO’s here too… 😦



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5 responses to “Looking back at the year start

  1. Maybe you should make some of these BUCKET LIST goals instead of yearly goals. A person can only do so much in 12 months!

  2. newme

    right… if only i can keep the bucket list wid me.. n not loose it.. lol!

    btw hav u watchd this movie ‘The Bucket List’..its really nice, esp if u like Jack Nicholson (i like) or Morgan Freeman.


    • Yep that’s a good movie. I’ve only seen parts but I liked what I saw!

    • I tho, loved that movie. Especially the part, where Jack forces Morgan to Jump off the plane, although whn its not on Morgans actual bucket list..
      It was a nice inspirational movie for sure.. urges everyone to live life the way we want it to be..
      Actually, you’re doing quite good with the list.. the ones which hav not been accomplishd are sorta ones which need a long time to be proven..
      and wots with tht ‘Adapt a healthy life style fr good’.. how mch better do u wanna make it?

  3. newme

    haha.. ya n Jack keeps calling his PA Tom or something…while his name is something else.. n in d same scene morgan asks he PA something like ‘Is his man crazy?, n he’s says ‘yes’. really good! 🙂 I’ve also not seen it till the end..will dwnld it.

    I knw.. we so should live our life the way we want to. I also got a really good mail frm one of my friends, something on how to live life with an example of a cookie jar and pebbles.. will post that. its a good one.

    Adapt a healthy life style *after I loose all that extra baby(and now not justifying even d name) weight.*… I mean when will i ever tick this item off my list – loose weight…blaahhh!!!

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